1 Month Pregnant Symptoms That You Should Know

1 month pregnant symptoms are so many, start form the physical and spiritual change. You should consider about the symptoms so you can keep your health and your baby.

1 month pregnant symptoms will be the good information for you that will be the new mom. Many people do not aware the symptoms of the early time until they use the pregnancy test. It is the great information that you should understand in the first month of your pregnancy. The condition of the body may be different with the normal person without the pregnancy but the symptoms do not really clear in the first month. Something that may happen in the first month is usually skipped by many women. Here is the clear information about the symptoms.

1 Month Pregnant Symptoms


The change of the body and mental in the 1 month pregnant symptoms

When you get the pregnancy in the first month, you may get the change on your body and your feeling. It is important for you to know that you get the pregnancy in the first month because it can be the crucial time for the development of the embryo to take place. The safety of the baby should be considered. If you know the symptoms, you can find the best activities to keep your pregnancy stay health. First month pregnant symptoms will make you feel the change spiritually and physically.

1 month pregnant symptoms that will help you to identify that you get pregnant is period delay. For every woman, the period of the menstruation will be delayed more than 5 days and there will no sign for the menstruation. There is also the spotting on many women as like menstruation but it si actually the character of the implantation of the embryo. It can happen in the time of your menstruation period. The other symptoms when you get the pregnancy are the sickness in the morning. 50 % of women get this experience. The morning sickness is happen because of pregnancy hormone.

For the psychical symptoms you may get the breasts tenderness. Your breasts become more sensitive and it may feel the pain when get the touch. Pregnant symptoms in 1 month in physical will be easy to be understood, the breasts becomes bigger than the usually and the nipples become darker. In the breast, there will be the clear vein on the skin. It can be the indication that you get pregnant and there will be clearer for the next month.

The trouble but normal in the 1 month pregnant symptoms

There are also some troubles in your condition such as fatigue. You may get tired and get asleep in your activities. The reason of these conditions is because you need the huge energy for the embryo development and the change of your body. Your body will have the high level of the progesterone that similar like the sleeping pill. It makes you get easy to sleep everywhere when you can. The other common symptom is the excessive salivation. In the 1 month pregnant symptoms, it can happen to you. The production of saliva is higher than usual.

The symptoms still many others. You can get the condition when your body can produce so much urine. It makes the high frequent urinating. The kidney work more to make the process of increasing the fluids and the residue of the metabolism of your body and your baby. When you get the pregnant first month symptoms, you may get the mood swings. You may get hysterical crying, depression, or you can be so sensitive with your environment. You may eat the more, and you will feel the strange emotion in this time of your pregnancy.

There are still many others symptoms that you can find but for the simple identification that you get pregnant, you can see the character of your physical and mental. If you get the symptoms such as mentioned before, it means that you get pregnant. The 1 month pregnant symptoms, women usually do not aware until they use the test pack but if you know the symptoms, you can be sure about your condition. The early detection will make you know the best way to keep your baby stay health and you can visit your doctor for more advice.


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