10 creative kids bedroom decorating tips

Sometimes it is a little thing will make your little ones room be special place they love and call their own.

We have put together 10 creative kids bedroom decorating tips to help you get inspired. These are easy, affordable and practical ways to decorate your kids bedroom, and to give it a new edge your child will love.

  1. Chalkboard paint

Chalkboard paint makes a great feature wall in your child’s bedroom. Not only will it invite your child to be creative an supply hours of creative fun, your child get to make their own artwork on the wall for them to admire in their own room.

  1. Smart storage

Try to be smart with storage and utilise the space in the bedroom. Underneath the bed is one of those places that is perfect for storage without making the room look cluttered.

Even a step-stool can be a smart storage space, get one with your decorated with your child’s favourite sporting team or color to fit your little ones bedroom decor.

  1. String art display

String wire from wall to wall to display your child’s art pieces. You could even make your own kids art display system by decorating clothes pins in matching colors to hang the pieces on the string.

  1. Low cost art work

A great art work could just be the finishing touch to a room, and you could create your own low cost art work yourself. All you need is a art canvas and paint to match or enhance the colors of your child’s bedroom.

In this image you can see the colors in the painting are inspired by the bedding, creating a real theme through color in this bedroom. You can of course paint any shape or pattern you like on the art canvas, or can even involve your child and let him or her paint their own art display.

  1. Frame a grow chart

We love this idea of framing a grow chart on the wall, it will be a great feature on the wall of your little ones room. Grow charts come in many different characters and shapes, but we love the animal ones, like the giraffe, which will look great with a frame around it on the wall and will ad to a jungle inspired room.

  1. Playful wall stickers

Giant wall stickers are easy to apply to a smooth surface like bedroom walls, and the great thing is you can remove them without damaging the paint. So if you child is only little, or you are looking for decorating ideas for a teen’s bedroom, removable stickers come in all different characters and shapes, and are easy to remove when you child’s outgrows the them.

  1. Re-use what’s on hand

There are lots of items that can be re-used and that make handy and creative storage containers for toys and art supplies in your child’s bedroom. A collection of potato chip cans can become storage bins with the application of mailing labels. Another idea is to re-use old colorful suitcases to store toys.

  1. Dress up a night stand

A fun way to literally dress up a night stand in a girls bedroom is to wrap a tutu around the edge of  a kitchen stool and secure it with double sided tape.

You could dress up a night stand with any kind of fabric to match the room, or decorate it with colorful buttons, stencils, paper, shells or any other decorative items to make the night stand a real fashion icon in the room.

  1. Create an artwork gallery

Every child will love seeing their artworks displayed in their room, and one of the ways to display them is in an artwork gallery. Hang various artworks in a cluster of different frames on the wall. The frames don’t have to be matching, they could paint them all the same color of have different colors that match the room. Hang the framed artworks in a cluster on the wall and update them as often as you wish.

  1. It’s all in the details

Accents in the room can make all the difference, especially in themed bedrooms, so think outside the box and pay attention to details.

For example the surfboards on the wall in this surf themed teens room. But for any theme and any kids bedroom decor there will be little accents you can add to make the room complete.

We hope you enjoyed these 10 creative kids bedroom decorating tips, and if you have any tips yourself, please share them with our readers and leave your tips in the comment box below.


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