11 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms to Recognize and the Tips

11 Weeks Pregnant image11 weeks pregnant symptoms are important to know early for correct anticipation. Having healthy diet and lifestyle is the recommended thing to do during pregnancy.

Pregnancy can give certain happiness to share among the family. It can be the news about baby development from embryo to the perfect form of baby. To tell the story may be able to pass 11 weeks or more about the development and here we will tell you what happen during 11 weeks. There are 11 weeks pregnant symptoms that can be your sign to take care of your pregnancy. By getting the knowledge of 11 weeks pregnant symptoms you can do the correct to keep a good lifestyle for you and your baby.

11 weeks pregnant symptoms image

11 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms due to Baby Formation Inside

The first information to tell you first is about 11 weeks’ pregnant development symptoms. The first development that occurs here is the development of sensory organ. In this phase there is growing skin forming layer for baby’s body. Physically it is still transparent and this will remain till the next part from its third trimester. Nasal passages get development and grow at the top part of the small nose. It is followed by the growth of palate and tongue that continues the growth whereas the buds of tooth start to form.

The next thing which occurs as 11 weeks pregnant symptoms is the development of limb. The toes and fingers continue grow in this phase and it is almost fully perfect. Next, there is the development of facial. It occurs by the ear formation that finds the final position while the baby gets wide forehead. After the head is completely finished with its large size, the body growth will immediately balance the growth. Afterward, the development occurs in keratinous structure. In this week of nail bed formation hair follicles are also growing.

After outer organs are formed as 11 weeks pregnant symptoms, now it is the development of internal organ. In this phase fetus starts to either inhale or exhale some amniotic fluid (associated like breathing underwater) for the lung development. Next, the intestines move into the stomach of baby from umbilical cord it grows. Indeed, the cord brings important nutrition for your baby with amniotic fluid for keeping him safe. With lengthening neck, your baby can move around in amniotic sac. In this week testosterone productions start within a fetus that is male.

After explaining the 11 weeks pregnant symptoms, we will share you useful tips to get a healthy baby and pregnancy. The first tip is that you have to avoid meat or undercooked fish, seafood and any food that contains raw eggs like Caesar salad and cookie. Both of them contain bacteria that are harmful for pregnancy. The second tip is to talk with other moms to get comfort and suggestions due to their understanding to what you are having through.

Valuable Tips within 11 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

There are still some tips for 11 weeks pregnant symptoms that you have to understand and apply. You have to apply and keep healthy diet with vegetables, fresh fruits and any foods that is rich of nutrients like folic, calcium, iron and protein. Next, You need to wash your hands correctly by using warm water and soap after contacting poultry products, raw meat unwashed vegetables and fruits for bacterial contamination prevention.

In addition to is not enough if you only apply healthy diet and clean lifestyle. You need to consider physical activity and pay attention to it. You have to do regular workout to strengthen your pelvic muscles. You can take yoga class of prenatal or consult to doctor about safe exercise in home. You need to do light foot exercises such as stretching your foot or pumping your toes and calf muscles in sitting down position for preventing certain conditions such as a syndrome of restless leg and varicose veins.

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