12-Week Pregnancy Symptoms Timeline after Fertilization

Pregnancy symptoms timeline in the first trimester shows that some symptoms will start to appear in week 4. All symptoms will be felt in week 6 and become more seen in week 9.

To tell you the truth, it is hard to determine the exact time of conception. However, the first week of pregnancy is widely believed to be based on the date of the last menstrual period. Then, would we know that we are pregnant in that very first week? Unfortunately, it is not as simple as that. However, you can read 12-week pregnancy symptoms timeline below to better known the symptoms occurred in each week during your early time of pregnancy.

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Week 1 and Week 2

You know? You have to be patient to know your pregnancy. Although the first week of pregnancy can be determined based on your last period, we would not be able to see any symptoms right after the fertilization. Not to mention, you might have symptoms of menstrual period instead which means that you are not yet pregnant in week 1 and might still be so in week 2. This is how the earliest timeline of pregnancy symptoms is.

Week 3 and Week 4

Week 3 in the pregnancy symptoms timeline is the time when the fertilized egg moves to the uterus. It will stay and grow there until the baby is ready to be born. There will still be no sign of pregnancy at this time. However, you won’t get your period in week 4 if you are pregnant. This is when pregnancy symptoms start to be felt and experienced by you. You will begin to feel and experience mild cramping, blood spotting, fatigue, nausea, breasts pain, frequent urination, and bloating.

Week 5 and Week 6

In week 5, you will still experience fatigue, bloating, frequent urination, breasts pain, and mood swing. Maybe, you will also feel nausea, but it is not always the case. However, any pregnancy symptoms timeline shows that week 6 is when you will feel all of pregnancy symptoms. Furthermore, you will even feel severe morning sickness any time of day, more tender and painful breasts, and more frequent urination as well.

Week 7 and Week 8

In pregnancy signs timeline, week 7 is the time when your body is getting ready for the rest of pregnancy. It protects embryo by developing mucous plug that seals off cervical canal opening. How about week 8 then? If you are not aware about your pregnancy, you will wonder about your missed period. You will still feel and experience nausea, vomiting, extreme fatigue, bloating, and weight gain. Not to mention, there is high possibility that your heart might pump faster and harder too.

Week 9 and Week 10

Since the first week all pregnancy symptoms hit you, you will still feel and experience them even in week 9. Most timelines of pregnancy signs show that they will be even more noticeable due to hormone changes. In week 10, the symptoms will still be similar to the previous ones, like nausea, vomiting, mood swing, fatigue, etc. Your heart rate might go up, but your blood pressure goes down instead. If your blood pressure goes up, you need doctor to check it for you.

Week 11 and Week 12

We have reached the end of your first trimester in the pregnancy symptoms timeline. In week 11, your breasts will grow big and the area around nipples will have darker color and grow big too. Of course, you will keep gaining weight as the fetus grows. In week 12, more blood will be pushed through your vessels due to the increase of blood volume and hormone level, thus causing your skin to be flushed and glossy. In many cases, the severity of morning sickness will decrease at this time

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