14 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Some Tips

Hello, dear friends, how are you? Well, talking about pregnancy, we will look the important phase of you, as the women. Pregnancy is the way of the women to be the real women. However, talking about the pregnancy is not as simple as you judge. There are many things, which you need to know, in the way to have the healthy and normal pregnancy. One of it is the symptom. Here, we will talk about the 14 weeks pregnant symptom, which you need to know. There are some points I want to deliver. Keep reading on it!


The increasing of hunger

When your face the 14 weeks pregnancy, the first symptom that you will feel is the increasing of the hunger. Well, it is because your body starts to change here. In common, the 14 weeks pregnant symptoms are the development of the weight. You will see the rapid increase of your body size. You do not need to be worry because it is normal. You need to pay attention because you know, right, if inside your body there is your baby.

Nah, another kind of the 14 weeks pregnant symptoms that you also need to know here is the increasing of sensitiveness. Here, you might see some changes in your body. Your body maybe will be darkening and your breast will be more sensitive. Then, in some cases, you also will find the new moles in your body. Really, you do not need to be worried because the experts say that all symptoms as before is normal in your pregnancy. You just need to do some treatments on it.

The development of the baby

As you know, the baby always develops during the pregnancy. Well, here, the rapid development happens in your 14 weeks pregnant. As the expert says, you will have the significant change as the 14 weeks pregnant symptoms. Here, the examples of the development of your baby are the larger head, the ears and eyes in the correct position and the growing of the neck. Well, you will eat double than before because of this development of baby.

In other hand, the muscle of the baby continues to develop. However, the baby is too weak to make any movement, in 14 weeks pregnant, that you will know it as the reflection. Nah, in other hand, the heart of the baby is starting to beat. You will do not know about it but it truly happen. So, by same kinds of the 14 weeks pregnant symptoms, you need to know that your baby is having the rapid development. In this case, it is important for you to be selective in choosing everything. Now, we will talk about some tips you may do, below.

Tips in 14 weeks pregnancy

Since you have known some matters about the 14 weeks pregnant symptoms, it is important for you to keep the health of your pregnancy. The first thing, which you need to do here, is being selective in what you eat. Eating the beverage with the high nutrition is needed. Please consume the food, which has high substance of vitamin, mineral, and others. In other hand, you also need to do some exercises to keep the condition of your body. However, the exercise will be different because of the pregnancy.

Then, as you know before, you will have the rapid increasing of weight. In this case, the more weight, which is happen as the one of 14 weeks pregnant symptoms, is normal. Here, you are not permitted to do diet because diet will be dangerous for your baby. Please see the doctor in regular to check your pregnancy.



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