5 Ideas of Simple Jungle Juice Recipe

Simple jungle juice recipe can be applied with some ideas such as vodka jungle juice, lemonade jungle juice, strawberry watermelon jungle juice, etc.

Juice is well known as a healthy beverage. In fact, juice is one of the healthiest beverages. That is why there are many people who are interested in juice. Besides that, juice also tastes good. It makes people more attracted to juice. There are many kinds of juice. One of the most popular juices is jungle juice. It has many benefits for your health. So, it will be very great if you know simple jungle juice recipe. There are many ideas that you can try. If you are interested in it, you can try the following recipe ideas.

Simple Jungle Juice


Apple lemonade Jungle Juice Recipe

One of the easy jungle juice recipes is vodka jungle juice. To make this juice, you need to prepare some ingredients such as a liter of ice water, a sliced lemon, 3 sliced oranges, 6 diced apples, a bottle of apple schnapps, and a bottle of Sprite. After you are ready with all the ingredients above, you can blend them in a blender and the juice is ready to drink. You can enjoy it anytime such as in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Simple Lemonade Jungle Juice Recipe

Making a jungle juice should not spend much money for it. You do not need to spend too much cash to buy the ingredients needed for the jungle juice. If you want a cheap jungle juice recipe, you can try lemonade jungle juice. To make this jungle juice, you just need to prepare 3 cups of ice, three diced lemon, 2 cans of ginger, 4 cans of pink lemonade, and 2 bottles of grain vodka. After you have all the ingredients above, you can make the juice by blending them all for a few minutes.

Simple Strawberry Watermelon Jungle Juice Recipe

Besides that, you can also try to make a strawberry watermelon jungle juice. It also belongs to one of the best ideas of cheap jungle juice recipe. A pound of strawberry, a watermelon, a bottle of strawberry schnapps, a bottle of watermelon schnapps, and a liter of ever-clear are the ingredients that you need to buy. You may also need containers of strawberry lemonade mixes. Then, you can make a jungle juice with those ingredients above. It will not only be very tasty but you can also feel the benefits for your health clearly.

Simple Orange Jungle Juice Recipe

Then, it will also be a good idea if you make an orange jungle juice. Here, you need some ingredients to prepare. They are 2 cups of pineapple chunk, four diced lemons, four diced oranges, 3.8 liters of pineapple and orange juice blend, 3.8 liters of pink lemonade, cans of fruit punch, 2 gallons of Sunkist, a bottle of white rum, and a bottle of vodka. With the ingredients above, you can make a very delicious jungle juice. Anyway, it belongs to simple jungle juice recipe with vodka.

Simple Purple Jungle Juice Recipe

Another recipe that you can try is purple jungle juice. Purple is one of the fruits that have so many benefits for your health. That is why you can consider making this jungle juice. To make this jungle juice, you need to add yogurt that will be useful for your digestion. Anyway, it belongs to one of the simple jungle juice recipes with yogurt that you can try.

Those are some recipe ideas that you can try. The simple recipe makes you easily prepare and blend the ingredients so that it becomes a delicious and healthy juice. Hopefully this will be a useful reference for you to keep your health through jungle juice. If you are interested in jungle juice, you can try simple jungle juice recipe above.

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