5 Nursery Ideas, furniture must haves

With a new baby on the way, it is crucial to start planning the nursery well ahead of time for the baby’s arrival. Choosing the right space or room in the home is the first step, and then the exciting task of decorating and furnishing. Regardless if you are having a boy, girl, or prefer to not find out until birth, there are plenty of nursery ideas and furniture options available.

We created a list of  5 furniture must haves to help you pick the most crucial furnishings for your nursery.

Baby crib

Your baby will spend a lot of time sleeping in the first few months, so it is very important to get a good crib with a quality mattress. Cribs will come in all sorts, from standard to luxury and convertible cribs. No matter which baby crib you decide upon, remember to take the crib safety in account, by checking that it meets the baby crib safety standards and is certified.

Baby change table

There are 2 different options, a change table which is a simple table that may have a shelf underneath and a changing mat on top. And there are change dressers which are sturdier and looks more like a cabinet with drawers used for storage and a changing mat on the top of the dresser. For many parents a change dresser is a good option, as when the child grows it can be turned into a standard dresser.

Baby wardrobe

You might not need a baby wardrobe straight away but it will come in very useful to store baby supplies, and it is amazing how much a small baby will accumulate very quickly. Baby wardrobes will come in all different shapes and sizes, many will come with hanging space and drawers.

Nursery lamp

Nursery Lamps & Lighting are one of the most important purchases when furnishing your nursery. There is lots of choice, so whatever you choose, make sure it is practical and easy to switch on, especially when you have your baby in one arm. Nursery lamps should have a low watt bulb that allows you to change the light softer.

Nursery chair

A comfortable nursing chair is an absolute must for the early morning nursing sessions. A rocking chair or glider can be moved back and forth to help settle your baby, also look for nursing chairs with padded armrests and make sure you try the chair before you buy.

We hope these 5  Baby Furniture must haves for your nursery will give you plenty of nursery ideas and will help you to get started on furnishing your nursery and make it a safe en loving place for your baby.


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