5 Tips for Vegetable Juicing Recipes

Vegetable juice recipes should be applied with some tips such as to add fruits, prioritize fresh and organic ingredients, peel off the fruits, use the best juicer, and be creative to choose the ingredients.

Vegetable Juicing Recipes


Juice is one of the most favorite beverages for people. Juice is usually made from fruits. However, it is also very good to be made from vegetables. There are many vegetables that you can use to make vegetable juice. Anyway, vegetable juice functions to make you healthier. Besides that, it also has other functions such as to lose weight, to cleanse body toxin, etc. So, it is very important to know the tips of vegetable juicing recipes so that the juice you make will not only be delicious but also give high nutrients needed by your body.

Add Some Fruits

Vegetable juice recipe does not mean that the ingredients are wholly vegetables and you do not need to add anything else but vegetables. In fact, you can also add the combinations. In this juice, the best combination is fruit. So, you can add some fruits into your vegetable juice. Fruits can function to sweeten the vegetables so that the taste is much more delicious. Besides that, fruits also contain many vitamins, protein, and other nutrients that will be useful for your body health. In addition, the fruits can also be used for decoration.

Prioritize Fresh and Organic Ingredients

The first thing that you need to think about vegetable juicing recipes is the ingredient. If you want to combine vegetables and fruits for you ingredients, you should be careful in choosing them. You need to prioritize the ingredients that are fresh as well as organic. Fresh ingredients mean that the vegetables and the fruits are more nutritional or have more nutrients whereas organic ingredients mean that the vegetables and the fruits are free of chemicals. With fresh and organic ingredients, the juice will be perfect to help you to reach your health goals.

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Peel off the Fruits

Commonly, you will add some fruits to make vegetable juices. Some people directly pour the fruits into the juicer but some other people peel the fruits off first. To maximize the nutrients, it will be better for you to peel of the fruits that you want to add into the vegetable juice recipes. Peeling off the fruit skin will also make the juice feel smoother and the taste will be more delicious. Considering the benefits, you need to peel off the fruits before pouring into the juicer.

Use the Best Juicer

To get the best vegetable juice, you need to use the best juice. It belongs to one of the vegetable juice tips that you should pay attention. In fact, different juicers have different advantages. You have to make sure that the juicer you use is able to blend and smooth both vegetables and fruits. The softer result will be better. It will also be better if you use the juicer every day even though to juice easy juice than once a week. However, some juicers need difficult maintenance. So, you have to choose the juice wisely.

Be Creative

Drinking vegetable juice every day may be boring. However, you will not be bored if you vary the ingredients of your vegetable juice plans. That is why you should be creative. It will be better if you have different ingredients every day. Even more, if it is possible, you can also consider different ingredients for different times in the same day. By varying the ingredients, you will also get more various nutrients.

Those are some tips that you need to pay attention and follow if you want to make vegetable juices. Hopefully the tips above will be useful especially for you who want to make vegetable juice recipes. So, you will get the best benefits and have get healthier.



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