6 Ideas of Quick Meals for Two

Quick meals for two can be made easily with some recipes. For example, you can make stick burritos, salmon with Pepita lime butter, stuffed pork sandwich, etc.

If you want to prepare meals at home for you and your spouse while you do not have enough time, you need to learn how to cook quickly. However, cooking quickly should also be supported with the quick meal recipe. So, you can prepare your meals quickly with the right recipe and portion. If you serve the meals for you and your spouse, you need to know how to make quick meals for two. There are many recipes and ideas that you can try. So, you need to follow these recipes and ideas below.

Ideas of Quick Meals


Stick Burritos Quick Meal for Two

The first idea of fast meals for two is stick burritos. This is a delicious stick that is made from some ingredients. They are salsa, guacamole, rice, beans, and meat. It is very simple to make so that you can make this stick at home fast. You also do not need to worry about the health because the ingredients show that it belongs to healthy foods. Added with whole wheat of tortillas and brown rice, it will be useful to improve your health. Because you want to enjoy for two, you can add the size.

Salmon with Pepita Lime Butter Quick Meal for Two

If you consider the simple meal, salmon with Pepita lime butter can be a good idea. It is very easy to make because you just need to prepare salmon, Pepita, chili powder, and lime juice. To serve it, you can add steamed vegetables to add the flavor and wild rice to make you feel full. Seeing the ingredients, you do not need to worry about the safety. Salmon and other ingredients above are well known for health foods. That is why it belongs to the healthy quick meals for two.

Chicken Breast with Mushroom Cream Sauce Quick Meal for Two

Besides that, you can also consider cooking chicken breast. In this recipe, you should add mushroom cream sauce to add the flavor. Of course, you will be interested in it. To make the sauce tasty, it should be not too much cream. You can make it with the adjustable portion depending on your and your spouse’s portion. Anyway, it becomes one of the most recommended cheap quick mealsthat you can try. Considering the easiness, you will not be difficult to make it.

Chicken Parmesan Sub Quick Meal for Two

Sub is one of the most favorite meals. It can make you feel full fast so that it is very appropriate to be enjoyed by two people. The main ingredient of this quick meal is chicken. Then, you need to add some other ingredients such as fried breading and spinach. All the ingredients above show the healthy ingredients. So, it is reasonable to be considered as one of the best quick foods for two.

Grilled Steak with Radicchio and Beets for Two

Then, grilled steak can also be a good idea. This is a very delicious steak that is served with radicchio to add the taste and beets to make it sweet. However, it does not mean that it is not healthy. It belongs to one of the healthiest quick cooked meals for two. Besides that, it also looks very interesting with cheese dressing. The rib eyes also add the taste.

Stuffed Pork Sandwich Quick Meal for Two

Another best idea is stuffed pork sandwich. The ingredients needed are soft white bread, pickles pressed, Swiss cheese, roasted pork, and ham. To serve it, you can also add vinegary coleslaw. The cost you spend will also be cheap. Those are cheap quick meals that you can try. Hopefully this will inspire you all to cook meals easily for you and your spouse.



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