6 weight loss foods for women, no hungry

Weight loss foods for women for the best are the healthy foods that will keep you far from getting hungry. They have to be the one that is friendly for diet food menu.

The intention of losing weight is high, but the action is quite hard. It is because we can’t stay away from food all the time. We need food to refill the energy while we do many activities. Some people may succeed in avoiding food, but this way is not always healthy. Reducing the food and only drink water is dangerous for health. There is also the way to lose the weight by only eating fruits all the day. As an example, it becomes popular that eating banana only as weight loss foods for women can reduce the weight quickly. Any fruit that is eaten in huge amount in one day is dangerous. It is because banana contains of potassium that influences a lot the digestive system.

weight loss foods for women


Don’t be another one that comes to the hospital emergency room just because you want an instant result. Actually, there is no instant result to get the slim belly in days or few weeks. You have to keep yourself tight with your food menu to get the good result without getting sick. You still need carbohydrate and protein to support you in the activities, no matter if it is heavy or not. Therefore, the food menu for diet needs to be suited with the food that can be served in fewer portions but can keep your tummy full.

1st food: High Fiber Oatmeal and the Fruits on the Top

In breakfast, if you are usually eat the fast food burger or hot dog, change this menu to oatmeal. Oatmeal as one of weight loss foods for women surely has no taste compared with the burger, but it can help you to reduce the weight loss slowly. You can prepare oatmeal in certain portion that keeps your tummy full. Don’t even intend to make a very few portion because it will not be enough to support your day. Add some fruits on the oatmeal to give some natural sweet in the food. It can be strawberry, kiwi, or berries. Make sure to take the fiber rich oatmeal for your breakfast.

2nd food: Berries and Other Sweet Fruits

Take any fruit for the snack, but berries can be better. Why berries? It can be one of the fruits that can be an example of healthy fruit for diet to provide sweet taste. Avoid other sweets that will make you fat and take this fruit instead. You can take another kind of sweet fruit but keep in enough portions. The fruit will keep your body balanced without eating other snack to fill your tummy. Always try to spare your time in the evening or in the morning to buy the fruit before going to the office.

3rd food: the Nuts for Diet

The best snack of weight loss foods for womenbeside fruit is the nuts. The nuts give you the protein and vitamins that may not include in the fruit. For your diet, it is better to go with almonds, cashews, and pistachios. Try to avoid these nuts that are roasted with oil because when it is heated with it, it can destroy the nutrients of the nuts. Try to get the nuts that are dry roasted. For the suggestion, it will be good to put the fruits as the snack of 10 am and the nuts for the snack at 3 pm.

5th food: Fish and Turkey

You still can crave for oh so delicious meat and eggs, but keep it in enough portions. You can take lean meat for the dinner. Avoid the fatty cuts of the meat. If you want to make sure that you are not touching any fat things, you can take fish or turkey. It is enough to support you with the protein that is needed for your body. For another option of food menu for diet, take eggs for the dinner is also possible. Eat eggs everyday is allowed, and it can lose weight too. You can eat eggs in the breakfast or dinner. Beside that it burns fat; it can also build muscles to your body.

6th food: Whole Grains and Peanut Butter

One thing that people sometimes misunderstand about these foods: whole grains and peanut butter. Some people think that these foods are forbidden in diet menu. That is totally wrong. You can include the bread and peanut butter in the breakfast. Don’t even try to avoid the carbohydrate as the important value of breakfast. The fiber of grain will keep your tummy from getting hungry. The sweet of peanut butter is also friendly to people who need to lose the weight. For the important note, these foods should be taken in enough portions. Don’t take too much. And besides of eating these foods, you really have to move yourself in the gym to get the shape. These weight loss foods for women work faster if you keep yourself in good schedule of fitness.



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