6 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

Weird pregnancy symptoms are various such as feet growth, brain cell decreasing, hair growth, clumsiness, sensitive smell, and flatulence.

Weird Pregnancy Symptoms


Pregnancy happens to women. They get pregnant because they will give birth and have a baby. Usually, women get pregnant for about 9 months. During the pregnancy, women will experience various symptoms. The most common pregnancy symptoms stop getting menstruation, vomit, etc. However, some women have weird pregnancy symptomsthat are unusual. The weird symptoms are caused by various factors and you do not need to worry about those symptoms. Here are the weird symptoms that you need to know.

  1. Feet Growth up to 100 Millimeters

One of the weirdest pregnancy symptoms is that your feet grow up to 1 centimeter. Of course, it looks bad. Your shoes may be tight and your feet feel painful. Even more, this weird symptom can happen for long time until you give birth. So, you have to be patient. It is usually caused by your ligament stretching. After your baby is born, your feet will be smaller and normal again. So, you do not need to worry about it.

  1. Brain Cell Decreasing

Besides that, your brain cell may be decreased up to 4%. It becomes one of the weird pregnancy symptoms happens to you. There is no specific explanation about the cause of this cell rain decreasing. However, some theories say that it is caused by stress condition. In fact, most women will feel stressed more when they think about their pregnancy. So, you can prevent it by keeping away from something causing stress. You cannot think too hard. It belongs to one of the strange pregnancy symptoms that you have to avoid because if you get stressed, it may cause problems for your pregnancy.

  1. Hair Growth

Usually, women who are pregnant will experience hair loss. That makes them frustrated. It is the normal situation in pregnancy and becomes a common symptom. However, sometimes the contrast symptom happens. Sometimes, your hair will not fall even though you have hair loss problem. Even more, your hair will grow faster than usual. That is why it becomes one of the weird pregnancy symptoms. In addition, still related to the hair growth, it is also possible that your hair will grow on your cheeks, lips, legs, arms, or even chin. In this case, your hair will also be thicker. This hair growth is caused by the changing hormone.

  1. Clumsiness Caused by Water Retention & Loosened Joints

Besides that, you may also experience clumsiness. Sometimes, clumsiness happens to a pregnant woman because of the water retention & loosened joints. It is rare to happen but it is possible. For example, you will easily fall down because you do not concentrate and focus on your sight. Striking something when you are walking also becomes one of the examples of this symptom. It sounds strange. That is why it can be considered as one of the rare pregnancy symptoms.

  1. Sensitive Smell

When you are pregnant, it is possible that your smell becomes more sensitive. Even though it is not common, you need to know about it so that you will not feel strange. This symptom happens because of the hormone of estrogen higher. Even though it is not the real cause, there are many people who relate this symptom to sniffer in the morning sickness.

  1. Flatulence

Another weird symptom of pregnancy is flatulence. It sounds strange but sometimes it happens to some pregnant women. It is caused by the hormone relaxation. Besides that, it also relates to your digestion that slows down so that it causes gas. Those areweird pregnancy symptoms that you need to know. So, if one of those causes happens to you, you will be confused. Hopefully, this will be a good reference especially for you who are pregnant.

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