7 Causes of Pimple behind Ear You Have to Know

Pimple behind ear often gets less attention in treatment and medication. By knowing the condition causing the disease, you can avoid such unexpected pimple.

Commonly, people don’t pay more attention to pimple in ear, especially for that which is placed behind ear. The phenomena of pimple in ear may only lead them to take an infection medication. In fact, they should be aware of dangerous sign or the problem of life threatening. Fortunately, this article will help you by providing a reading source about such matter. Further, you will know about the pimple itself, the cause and the medication. To know more about it, just check it out here.

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Important Things to Know about Pimple behind Ear

As an important thing to tell you, pimple in ear will not be a big problem if you have recognized it. Specifically, there are some causes of pimple behind ear to elaborate in this part. There are some conditions which can trigger the disease and all of them include abscess, sebaceous cysts, lymphadenopathy, acne vulgaris, throat infection, mastoiditis, and otitis media.

7 Conditions that Can Trigger the Disease of Pimple behind Ear

First, there is abscess condition which can lead you to have pimple behind ear. It can develop when cells or tissue in body area is infected. In this case, there is a respond from your body to such infection that is performed by killing invading virus or bacteria. To fight against them, your body will send a number of white blood cells to those infected areas. The cells actually begin accumulating from the location of damage. In consequence, pus starts to develop. The term of ‘pus’ is scientifically known as a thick product that is fluid like which develops from numerous white blood cells that is dead, bacteria, tissue and more invading substances. Moreover, abscesses give warm and painful touch.

The second condition is otitis media. It is supposed as another term to recognize an infection of ear. The infections of ear can be found viral or bacterial. When the infection occurs, there is painful swelling and fluid buildup that is painful. Such symptoms can result visible swelling to find behind your ear. For the medication, antibiotics can be used for the symptoms and infection. The third condition is acne vulgaris. Acne itself is known as a usual skin condition which occurs by clogged hair follicles in skin. The things which can clog such follicles include oil and dead skin cells. As the result, bumps and pimples may develop. They can grow larger while the solid bumps give pain.

Now, we will go for the fourth condition which is throat infection. Many viral and bacterial infections can stimulate swelling around your face and neck. Those infections are usually recognized as infectious mononucleosis and strep throat. Other conditions, like measles, chickenpox, HIV/AIDS can cause that swelling around your face and neck. The fifth condition is mastoiditis. If your ear infection is developed and you don’t get any treatment, it means that you develop more fatal infection to your ear and the term for this is mastoiditis. Such infection grows in your bony protrusion that is placed behind your ear. It is called mastoid.

The sixth condition which can be the trigger of pimple behind ear is sebaceous cysts. They are noncancerous bumps which arise beneath your skin. They commonly grow on the neck, torso, and head. Such cyst type develops around seabcous gland, responsible in producing oil lubricating your hair and skin.

After explaining several conditions that can lead pimple behind ear above, it is the time for explaining lymphadenopathy that begins within lymph nodes. They are tiny structures which are present in your body. It includes under neck, arms, pelvis and also behind your ears. The lymph nodes will gradually swell. Commonly, the swelling is known as an infection result that can still grow more.


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