Abnormal Menstrual Cycle Causes and Symptoms

What can cause abnormal menstrual cycle and how to identify the symptoms? Menstrual cycle can be influenced by many factors that make it to be abnormal menstrual cycle. In fact, the cycle of menstruation is such a sensitive matter. It can be interfered by some changes occurred in the body and in the environment. Maybe some women have normal menstrual cycle while some others always wait when their period is arriving until months. Just keep in mind, if you find that your menstrual period is absent for 4 months, you must see your doctor.

 Abnormal Menstrual Cycle

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Pregnancy Matters

Menstrual cycle is directly related to pregnancy in which the abnormal menstrual cycle can be such an indication that the woman is getting pregnant. The primary change obviously seen is that there is no ovulation. However, the woman still could have spotting in early pregnancy. That is why some women might not realise it and consider it as menstrual period.

Other pregnant matters include birth control which directly affects the hormone. The pills or patch used for birth control actually consists of hormone which changes the cycle of menstruation to be abnormal. Even though those are basically used to regulate the menstrual period, body needs time to be used to with the new pattern of menstrual cycle. The first month of consuming birth control pills, you might experience abnormal menstrual cycle like heavy bleeding in the early months. After that, the body has been adjusting with the new condition.


Diet and Exercise

If you change your diet pattern drastically, it could lead abnormal menstrual cycle. The body will be reacting with preserving energy. If the diet is balancing out and you consume healthy food, the cycle of menstruation should even out as well. If the calories consumed are too few, it could also lead abnormal menstrual cycle. In fact, in some cases the menstruation can be stopped. So is the eating disorder like bulimia and anorexia. It could cause disorder throughout your body including menstruation cycle.

It is known that doing exercise will relieve some symptoms related to abnormal menstrual cycle. But, if the exercise is too vigorous, it will stress the body out. Therefore, it causes the change of hormone levels. That is why some athletes might find that they have no menstruation at all. &nbsp

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