Armpit Pimples and Its Solution

Armpit pimples are pimples which appear in the armpit and there are some causes of this disease and how to deal with this pimple.

When we hear about pimples, we surely think about skin problem which appears in the face. If you think that pimples only appear in the face, you get it all wrong. Pimples are the problem in the skin and it can happen anywhere around your body. In this occasion, we will talk about the other kind of pimples which is called as the armpit pimples. This armpit pimple happens in the place like what has been mentioned in its name, in the armpit. Now, let us talk more about this pimple so we will understand better about it.

Armpit Pimples


This armpit acne is commonly closed sacs of tissue which contained a fluid and other materials. When the development gets worse, the sacs will develop pus that shows some infection happen in the pimple. The pimple often feels excruciating and uncomfortable because it is located in the place where the most movements happen in our body. This place is also place where the development of sweat happens greatly so the chance of this pimple to happen is a bit big.

The Causes of Armpit Pimples

There are some major causes that will lead to these pimples of armpit. First, the most common of this pimple is surely the bacteria which are developed in the armpit. These bacteria will release its toxin to gain some nutrition from the sebum. When the bacteria starts to develop its colony, it will create some inflammation in the area where the pimple is and when it is not treated well, the inflamed area will develop wider and wider and making a wider uncomfortable area with high intense of pain.

Then, using deodorant can also trigger these armpit pimples. There are many kinds of deodorant too which are sold in the shop and each of them can give certain allergy to our skin. This allergy is the one that can cause the pimples in our armpit so we need to know what deodorant that will suit our armpit. You can feel it when deodorant get itchy in your skin; you should not choose such deodorant for your armpit.

Shaving can also become the cause of pimples in armpit. When we shave our armpit hair, sometimes we leave the shaved part with sharp end. This sharp end can open a wound in the armpit and the bacteria or fungus around it will infect and make some pimples. To overcome such case, you need to know how to shave your armpit hair well. Then, your low hygiene can be the most cause of these pimples so you are strongly recommended to keep your hygiene at its finest.

How to Overcome Armpit Pimples

When we have these armpit pimples, we need to know how to deal with it so it will not develop to the stage that really annoys us. First, you can go see dermatologist for helping you to pop the pimples. Popping these pimples needs expert skill so you are not allowed to pop it randomly. Then, you can use some home remedies too for curing this pimple. This pimple commonly comes from the infection of bacterial so you can apply some remedies with antibacterial like orange, honey, and garlic.

Those are all about the armpit pimples that you need to know. This disease is actually the result of your bad behavior so you need to keep your body as clean as possible when you want to stay away from this disease. You also need to be selective in choosing products that you use for your armpit skin and know how to shave your armpit hair well and safe so it will not trigger pimples.



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