The Best Time to Take Implantation Bleeding Pregnancy Test

What is the best time to take implantation bleeding pregnancy test? There are a wide range of pregnant signs you can rely on to have a clue whether you are pregnant or not. One of obvious clues for your pregnancy is implantation bleeding. To ensure the pregnancy, you might be still wondering when the best time to take implantation bleeding pregnancy test should be conducted. There are numerous ways to find the conclusion if you are pregnant. You can calculate your menstrual period cycles, measure your basal temperature of your body and also pay attention to the symptoms of implantation bleeding you might get. But, most women do not know the correct time when you get the most accurate implantation bleeding pregnancy test result. These are some considerations to give you a clue when the test should be conducted.

implantation bleeding pregnancy test

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In The Middle Of Implantation Bleeding Pregnancy Test

As women know that implantation bleeding is one of the pregnancy symptoms, they might take a pregnancy test sooner when the implantation bleeding is starting. They think that if it is one of pregnancy signs, the test should be positive. Unfortunately, this early pregnancy symptom is not sufficient to give your clear conclusion that you are pregnant or not. The fact is that during the implantation bleeding, the hormones which are commonly produced by pregnant women have not started to produce yet. You need at least 5 mIU HCG hormone level to get positive sign. Otherwise, your HCG level in the implantation bleeding might be only 1 -4 mIU.

Latter Implantation Bleeding Pregnancy Test 

Typically, women take a pregnancy test as they got implantation bleeding. Then, the next question is that whether it is the right time to test or it is too sooner. This is crucial to consider since it will decide the accuracy of the test when it is taken after the bleeding. One fact about implantation bleeding and the typical characteristic of your body is that when you are experiencing implantation bleeding, the HCG hormone is lack to produce.

The HCG hormone in excessive amount will be produced and can be detected in the implantation bleeding pregnancy test when the fertilized embryo has been implanted in the uterine wall. It means the position of the embryo has been deep enough into the uterus. On the other hand, the implantation bleeding is occurring at the time when the embryo starts to implant itself on the uterine. The bleeding itself is from the released parts and blood of the uterine wall due to the coming of the embryo. The implantation bleeding is happening after ovulation process within 6 days – 12 days. 

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