Best Treatment for Pimples on Cheeks

Pimples on cheeks will be the bad thing that may happen to the face it can disturb you and make you unconfident. Pimple on the face can appear because of many things. The secretion of excess sebum makes the oil gland on the face and it will be the pimples. Pimples not only occur on the face but it can occur on the neck, back, and even on the buttock. The people with this condition may feel so unconfident and miserable because it can give the bad impact to the appearance. You should know about the cause of the pimples so you can make the prevention and also the remedies.

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There are many products that you can find from the store or from the pharmacy such as lotion, powder and the medicine. It can be the good remedies for you but you should be careful because the ingredient of the products instead damages your skin. The bad product can damage your skin because there are the hard ingredients that may not proper with the kind of your skin. It will be better for you to try the natural treatment. Pimples can be treated with the simple ingredient that you can choose from your home. You can make the home remedies for the pimples on the cheeks.

Home remedies for the pimples on cheeks

Home remedies without using the bad product that can damage your skin can be the effective treatment. You should consider about your skin because the bad treatment can make the pimples be worst. Pimples on cheeks are the bad thing that should be solved. With the ingredient that you can find at your home, you can make the simple treatment for your face especially on your cheek. There are the things that you can use for the treatment such as ice, lemon, garlic, tooth paste, tea tree oil, and steam. With those king of the things, you can do home remedies for the pimples on face.

Ice for the simple treatment

You can use ice form your freezer and I can help you to reduce the redness, inflammation and also the swelling of the pimples on the face. The blood circulation on the area of the pimples will be improved with the ice. The ice also can clean the area of the pimples be clean, and can make the pore more thigh. The ice can clean the oil and dirt from your face. You should not touch the pimples with your skin but you can wrap the ice on the pimples for a while and feel the cool sensation on the cheek. Ice is the simple thing but it can help you to make the pimples heal faster.

Lemon for the treatment

The next ingredient that you can use is lemon. Lemon with the high vitamin C will be the good thing or the pimple home remedy because it can rid the pimple and make the pimple dry faster. You can use the juice of lemon at your home and you can wrap the juice on the pimple before go to the bed at the night. You should choose the fresh lemon and you should make the lemon water that is made by yourself. Pimples on cheeks will dry quickly because of the vitamin C on the lemon. If you want to make the lemon more effective, you can mix the lemon water with honey or cinnamon powder. You can apply this on the pimples for a night and use it frequently.

Tea tree oil and tooth paste for the pimples treatment

The other ingredients are tea tree oil and the tooth paste. You can choose whether that will help you to heal the pimples on cheeks. Tea tree oil has the function as antibacterial so it can kill the bacteria on the pimples and make the pimple heal faster. You can use the tea tree oil on the area of the pimples and you should leave it for 20 minutes after the application. After that, you can rice your face with the lukewarm water. There is the other thing that you can find easily for the pimples treatment that is the tooth paste. You can apply the white tooth paste not the gel on the pimples and leave it for a night. In the morning you should rinse it with the warm water. If you want to make your face look and feel soft for the pimples treatment, you can use the steam treatment. It can help you to clean the dirt from the pore and make the blood circulation be better. The pore that is open because of the warmth off the steam will clean the trapped bacteria. You can use the hot water mixed with the rose and you can face the steam for a while and feel the comfort sensation when do this treatment. After that you can rinse your face with the warm water and then apply the moisturizer with oil-free after the face drying.

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