Blood in Stool While Pregnant? Is It Dangerous?

Blood in stool while pregnant is a normal way that is experienced by the mother pregnant but if it is strange, goes to check the doctor soon.

Having a healthy child is a blessed moment for a mother. This can be seen from although there are many difficulties which are experienced by mothers but still they are being able to endure it all. Among three are many cases for mother pregnant, Blood in stool while pregnant is one of the cases that happens. Blood in stool when you are pregnant may be something that is really scary for a mother but actually you do not have to be worry because it is not a serious problem anyway. To know this case, you are also suggested to check you’re healthy to the healthcare to know whether it is such as serious problem or not by knowing the blood in stools.

Blood in Stool While Pregnant


What are the causes for Blood in stool?

Besides, the function for checking the blood in stool for women pregnancy is an important thing. This is because by knowing the causes, then you can be aware in facing something which is same anyway. The common thing that can be the cause for Blood in stool while pregnant is the constipation. Constipation happens because of too much water in your diet due to the vitamin that you consume. This constipation can lead into other kinds of problems that can cause bleeding.

There are three things that may happen because of bleeding. The first is hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are the vessel of blood that is located in rectum in which can feel so painful when swelling food. This happens during a couple months when a women in the pregnancy after delivery. If you always try to pass a hard of tool, then the hemorrhoids will be bigger and bleed. The second thing is anal fissures; it is also called as the cracks in the skin that is located in the rectum. This can cause by the hard training for passing the stools hard in which you can realize that there is a small stool in the blood.

The last thing of the Blood in stool while pregnantis anal tears. When the anal tears are bigger, then it is possible for you to develop the small tears in your rectum in which lead to blood in stool. Although this kind of thing is categorized as a normal thing happened when a mother pregnant but still there is the risks that can you get. For that, it is important for you to get the check to the doctor.

Blood in stool while pregnant, when it will be the dangerous thing?

Go to the doctor is a wise way in which you can consult about the things that harm you during pregnancy. Blood in stool while pregnant, it still will be not dangerous as long as the blood is coming not from vagina, It means that there is no problem for baby health, but still you must check to the healthcare. But if you still find bleeding but you do not sure where it comes from, then you must report to the doctor about your bleeding to make sure whether it comes from vagina or not. For those of you who finds the large amount of bleeding or those kind of bleeding comes with the back pain. Nausea or vomiting then goes to the healthcare as soon as possible.

Easing Blood in stool while pregnant

So how you can ease Blood in stool while pregnant? To ease Blood in stool while pregnant first you can go to the doctor to get check, second you can surely frequently to clean the rectal area after bowel movement, besides, you also must dry the area in order to prevent the bleeding itself.

But if you still get Blood in stool while pregnant, you feel much pain, and then you can the medicine which is recommended by the doctor. If it continuo you can get the cream or anything from the healthcare to prevent the bleeding. Those are about Blood in stool while pregnant that can be the great information for those of you who are pregnant in order to prevent anything bad that may happen to the baby.


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