Can Pregnant Women Take Ibuprofen?

Can pregnant women take ibuprofen? Is it recommended to take ibuprofen for pregnant women? Headache may be the kind of illness that can attack anyone. People who get headache may be feeling hurt in pain in which they will not able to do the activity normally. For that, when getting headache, people will take a medicine in order to cure the sick, the most common medicine which is took by mostly people is ibuprofen. Although aspirin is also used for treating many kinds of disease, but for headache, people prefer to use ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory drug which is same with aspirin; it can reduce the inflammation to curing headache. Ibuprofen is always consumed by many people, Can pregnant women take ibuprofen?

Pregnant Women Take Ibuprofen


Taking Ibuprofen is many used as the drug to treat any kinds of conditions. Although it is very effective in curing headache but still there are some side effects that may you get by take this kind of medicine. Here are some unwanted effects side such as stomach upset and also blood in stool, and dizziness. Besides, it also can cause the allergic reaction that may lead to the tongue swelling and fluid retention for the ear. This is because ibuprofen can affect the blood consistency in which very dangerous for people who have the high blood pressure and a heart problem.

How about a pregnant woman to take ibuprofen?

Headache is very common happen to anyone including the pregnant women, so how about the pregnant women, Can pregnant women take ibuprofen? The answer is for the baby healthy, it is more recommended for a mother pregnant to avoid take ibuprofen. This is because although it is considered safe to be consumed during the early stage of the pregnancy but for those of you especially in the third trimester then it can be dangerous cause affecting the birth of the baby.

For that, it is not recommended for pregnant women to consume ibuprofen instead it is safe by recommendation of the doctor. This is very important case to be noted by mother pregnant especially during the third trimester to keep the health of the baby inside. Why? Here is the more explanation about this.

Why pregnant women should not take ibuprofen?

Can pregnant women take ibuprofen? As we know that ibuprofen is categorized as the drug, besides, it is also assigned with the category of pregnancy risk according to the FDA (food and drug administration), an ibuprofen is D in third trimester. This means that there is the chance that may harm your baby during pregnancy in the third trimester. But ibuprofen itself it not categorized as not fit for the pregnancy rest anyway.

This can be said as the problem in the FDA that moves many classification of drugs system. For that, healthcare must pay attention to the evidence by knowing the benefits and the side effects that may happen by taking ibuprofen for pregnant women. Ibuprofen is not recommended to be taken during the third pregnancy because it can lead into passage of the baby heart that can close to the premature baby.

Besides, it also can damage the lung or the heart of the baby. Can pregnant women take ibuprofen? By taking ibuprofen for the third trimester for mother pregnant is also categorized in the level of low amniotic fluid level and there are some concerns about this. Although there is still not study research about this, but the bad effects may happen to the baby birth, so it is much recommended to not take the ibuprofen during pregnancy due to several cases that can harm your baby such as premature, damage the lung and heart of the baby that will be born by you.



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