Can Pregnant Women Take Tums? Here Is the Explanation

Can pregnant women take tums? Pregnancy is a period that may be the most sensitive thing for women. This is because during pregnancy there are many some things difficult experienced by pregnant mother such as heartburn and many others. But heartburn is a kind of symptom that always happens to pregnant women. Mostly 40 up 90% pregnant women get the heartburn symptom. This kind of symptom may happen due to the change of diet, the fluctuation of hormone level and the abdomen crowding. To anticipate this problem, women usually take the drugs to cure especially Tums. But the question is Can pregnant women take Tums?

Can Pregnant Women Take Tums


What is Tums?

Tums is a drug that is effective for fighting the heartburn and it is also categorized as the safest product of medicine in the world but still for taking this, you must consult your doctor first. What is Tums? Tums is categorized as the generic carbonate calcium a counter of the chewable antacid in which it is really considered as the safe drug to be taken for pregnant women. This Tums can treat the indigestion problem, heartburn, acid reflux, gas bloating and other kinds of symptoms that may harm you.

Tums for pregnant women

Although it is really recommended for those of you who are pregnant in not consuming drugs, and it is more recommended to take such a home remedies to cure the symptoms, but by consuming tums for pregnant women is not a dangerous thing that can harm the baby. But tums is still considered same as the other drugs where it is still needed to be consulted to the professional doctor before take it.

Can pregnant women take tums? The category of Tums according to the FDA, or food and drugs administration, it is considered as safe drugs to be taken for pregnant women. It is categorized in the C in which it closes to the placenta and there is still the lack of human pregnancy research adequate. It has been tested to the animal pregnant, and the result is there is no harm thing happen to the fetus. Tums is safe for pregnancy; it consists of calcium carbonate, the active of antacid. But still the big doses may be able to cause the bad effect.

Although taking Tums for pregnant women is safe but it is usually not recommended to consume Tums more than seven tablets of the regular strength in 24 hours during pregnancy because it may be over doses. For that, follow the doses that is given by the doctor instruction is s safest thing to do.

Study for knowing the potential risk and benefit by taking tums for pregnant women

Can pregnant women take tums, although in 1960s, the study fails in finding the association between calcium carbonate and the increasing of birth defects for baby. But there is a same study which reports that there is a significant risk that can cause the serious physical by expositing antacid in the womb at the late of pregnancy. These kinds of tums are recommended to be consumed for pregnant women in the European consensus conference.

And for the result, it is found that there is the additional offer that can be gotten by using tums because it contains higher supplement calcium. The benefits are it can reduce the risks for getting the high pressure of blood and preeclampsia. Besides, the calcium in the tums have the potential that is useful to fetal bone growth especially when a woman pregnant in the third of trimester. So, Can pregnant women take tums? It is safe to be used but you still have to consult doctor to get the right dose to prevent the side effect especially for the baby.


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