Can You Get Pimples on Your Lips?

Can you get pimples on your lips? Yes, you can because pimples can appear anywhere but there are easy ways to deal with it.

If you ever think that pimples will only happen in the skin face, you actually are wrong. Can you get pimples on your lips? Sure, you can because pimples are often caused by infection and this infection can happen in many parts of our body. This pimple needs different treatment actually compared to common pimples so we have to think more when we deal with this pimple. Now, for understanding more about this pimple, let us first find out all about this pimple.

When we want to deal with this pimple, we should know first what how this pimple looks in our lips because there are other cases that are similar to pimples which are called as cold sore. When you get the pimples, you will have a whitish tips in your lips. This tip is often filled with pus and inflamed. There are many parts of the lips where you can get pimples on your lips like in the inside part of the lips, lower lips, and in the area near your lips.

Can You Get Pimples on Your Lips

The Causes of Lips Pimples

There are some causes that can trigger this pimple in your lips. First of all, the imbalance in the hormone is the most common cause which triggers the pimple in the lips. So, the time for answering the question “Can you get pimples on your lips?” Is in the puberty time when many hormones in the body will grow. For women, there are some stages too where hormone will grow significantly like in the menstruation or in the pregnancy itself. In that time, you are obliged to be hygienist so pimples will not easily appear in your lip.

Can you get pimples on your lips from makeup? Yes, when you choose many makeups which have not been certified safe, most of them will make you have pimples. You need to choose makeup, moreover for the lipstick, which has been certified for its safety for use. Many random and low quality lipsticks often contain certain substance that can trigger the pimple easily. Then, allergic reactions toward the lipstick will trigger the growth of pimple itself.

Then, the next reason why you get pimples on your lips is the most common actions which are conducted like smoking, using toothpaste which contains fluoride, and the environment which is full of pollution. From the internal factors, stress is the most common trigger for the pimple so you better keep your emotion well so you will not acquire stress that will trigger this pimple because when you have pimple, it is possible that your stress level will be up.

How to Deal with Lips Pimples

Now, it is time for us to find out how to get rid pimples on your lips. First, the easiest way for overcoming lip pimples is compressing the pimple with warm water. This will make the pore open and the water from the compress will clean the bacteria in the lips. Then, you can wash your lips with mouthwash which are often sold in the drugstore. For the inside treatment, you need to deal with water more and more. When you drink more water, you will be able to wash some bacteria in the mouth because water will not compensate much for the growth of bacteria as it does not contain sugar that helps the growth of bacteria.

Now, you have known the answer for “Can you get pimples on your lips?” right? I think it is time for you to be preventive and get more hygienist so you will be far from this thing. You will need to have healthy life like drinking water if you want better life in your face.

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