Causes of spotting in normal day and pregnancy

What Causes Spotting in Normal Day and Pregnancy? Even though light spotting is considered as a common issue for almost every woman between their menstrual cycles, it could be disturbing enough. Identifying what causes spotting is still essential to stop it and prevent from any worse problem. The causes might vary from the light matters up to the more serious problem.  Several reasons which are able to cause spotting could be infection, birth control, ovulation and even pregnancy or other possible causes. 

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Infection Pelvic Region

The pelvic region which could lead spotting when being infected are including cervical, vaginal, ovarian infections and also uterine. The infection could be caused by the exposure of infection transmitted through sexual activity. Knowing what causes spotting related to infection could give you early warning whether something went wrong. One of the possible spotting causes is pelvic inflammatory disease. Such infection could lead light spotting after you just did sexual intercourse or maybe douching.  Another cause of spotting related to pelvic area infection is STDs. If you find such spotting when you are not in ovulation, pregnancy or even menstruation, you need to visit your doctor for further checking.

Birth Control Effect

Various forms of birth control could cause light spotting. For instance, birth control pills could change the level of your hormone. The hormone change could lead spotting. Besides, the spotting could be due to switching birth control way. When you change your birth control to a new other one, your body needs to adjust the change especially the hormone. To help your body minimising the spotting, you need to take the pills routinely at the same time. It is to ensure if the level of hormone stays balanced. Other cause of spotting related to birth control is IUD. IUD is such an intrauterine device which could lead increase the spotting risk. This is a small device attached on the uterus lining for the sake of preventing any pregnancy.

In the Middle of Ovulation Cycle

Another cause of spotting is when your body is in the ovulation step within your monthly menstrual cycle. Ovulation is the step when the ovary in the body releases the egg. Commonly, this step is happening 14 days after the last period beginning. While spotting, you might also experience such a light pain around the left or right side of back. On the other hand, if there is no ovulation, you are still possible to have spotting. It is because the lining of uterus becomes small and thick, hence, it could bleed during the normal ovulation period.  It is what causes spotting especially in the ovulation period. Some women may find that they are not ovulating due to polycystic ovary syndrome.

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