Choose your girl bedroom color now!

Girls love decorating their room, choosing colors and accessories, so make it a fun experience, and involve your daughter when choosing girl bedroom colors. If your girl is still quite little you could draw inspiration from her favourite tv character, toy or interest to create a color scheme for her room.

60-30-10 Rule

When you choose colors, try to stick to the 60-30-10 rule to keep the room balanced and not too overwhelming with color. This is how the 60-30-10 rule works:

  • 60% – dominant color in the room
  • 30% – secondary color in the room
  • 10% – accent color in the room

To help you get some inspiration and ideas, we’ve put together some popular color schemes for girl bedrooms.

Princess color scheme

Princess themed rooms are very popular, especially with little girls, but a princess color scheme can also be done to suit an older girl. The most popular colors to use for a princess color scheme are pink and purple. Especially for younger girls, if you stick to the softer tones, they can be used very well as the dominant color in the the bedroom. For secondary color you could choose a neutral color like white and a darker pink or purple as an accent color. For older girls we recommend using a white or neutral colors as the dominant color and use pinks and purples as secondary and accent color in the room for a more grown up look.

Nature color scheme

Colors taken form nature have a calming effect, and do look great combined with wooden furniture. A nature color scheme will suit a girl hat loves the outdoors, beach, or flower theme. In this color scheme you can use any color that you will find in nature, mainly blues, browns and sandy colors are great to use as dominant colors. Use contrasting colors like yellow and red for secondary and accent colors. This color scheme will suit young and older girls.

60′s color scheme

The electric colors of the 1960′s are coming back into fashion, and these bright vibrant colors make a great color scheme for a girls bedroom. Popular 60′s colors are hot pink, bright orange and neon green, if you only have a small room to work with you might opt to choose a neutral or light pastel color as the dominant color and use these vibrant pink, orange and green colors as secondary and accent colors. This color theme will suit young girls as they love bright colors and older girls that keep up with the latest fashion.

Funky color scheme

When your girl reach her teenage years, she might want a more grown up room. Funky color schemes can be made up with greys, blacks and whites as dominant colors in the room, combined with a funky yellow or pink as an accent color to brighten up the room. Either stripes on the wall or patterns in these color combination will decorate the wall without looking childish.

The main thing when choosing girl bedroom colors is to involve your child and have fun, be creative and stick to the 60-30-10 rule when choosing your color scheme.

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