Cold Sore or Pimple: Two Aspects to See the Difference

Reddish lump appearance in nostril, chin or lips vicinity is a natural problem which may be had by common people. People who have little knowledge about it will be difficult to distinct whether it is cold sore or pimple. Basically, it is important to know differentiation of either cold sore or pimple. The reason is that the treatment among them is different based on the type. In this article there are some lessons relating to the topic so that you can differ both of them easier.

Cold Sore or Pimple


How to Differ Cold Sore or Pimple based on the Symptoms

 To know whether it is cold sore or pimple, you have to know what those are. Cold sore is commonly recognized as fever blister. It is small bump that is found on face which is filled with several type of fluid. Commonly it is found near lips. Besides, it needs averagely one or two week of cold sore in the healing process. Meanwhile, pimple is a skin condition when the oil and dead skin cells get stuck within hair follicles. This turns them to reddish lesions that are small. Usually, it cannot heal itself quickly and when one of them disappears, another appears in the place.

To distinct whether it is cold sore or pimple, you have to know the symptoms of cold sore or pimple. The first symptoms to explain are the symptoms of cold sore. There is a development of it that takes long time for the steps. First, there you will feel itching sensation near your lips. Second, there is blister appearance that contains small fluid amounts close to the lip edges and around cheeks and nose. Sometimes the lesions merge before bursting, to spill out fluid present within them and to turn the lesion to open wound.

For pimple, shoulders, face, neck, back and chest are some regions where a pimple appearance is likely. The reason is the most oil gland number in your skin is found around the areas. Usually, a pimple comes with a tip with white color that indicates the pus presence and reddish outlook. Such whitish tips means also that the follicles of hair are inflamed and infected.

How to Differ Cold Sore or Pimple due to the Cause

The cause of cold sore or pimple can be the next point to see the differences between them. What will be elaborate first cause. HSV or herpes simplex virus is the principle reason of the cold sore appearance. The two strands which are named HSV-1 and HSV-2 become the culprits placed behind genital herpes and cold sores respectively. However, both of the virus strands will result in such lesion formation on the genitals and the face. The virus so contagious in nature and it is commonly contracted from one who suffers it. Using one towel for more than one person or kissing can be the factors leading HSV-1 virus to transfer to another person.

For pimple cause, there are three causes of pimple appearance in your skin. The first reason is that bacteria build up, the second reason is oil gland hyperactivity influencing sebum production and the third reason is a hair follicle irritation that is caused by dead skin cells coming in irregular way. The other reason which can also cause pimple is using a drug that contains lithium or corticosteroid.

Some elaborations above may be sufficient to add knowledge that is useful for differing whether it is cold sore or pimple. Both of them have symptoms and causes that are different so they can be the points of differentiation that come between both of them.



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