Creative Handmade Mugs as Exceptional Gift for Someone Special

Creative handmade mugs would be suitable for our alternative present for someone special because you could make them with DIY concept from porcelain and acrylic ceramic paint

One unique thing n your house interior can be crated by creative handmade mugs. Such mugs are really creative with, sometimes called, childish style. It is fully your creation that affects too much in the mug design. Making such mug design is not as difficult as you think. However, for its specialties, it is very brilliant to be a gift only for your special people.

Some simple materials fo r making such creative fun mug design are liquid lead glass stain and an acrylic ceramic paint. By those two main materials, some creative handmade mugshave some different mouth style.

Monogram mugs even better to help you spell you special person’s name. For such mug design, more than one mug is beautiful so that it can spell a word. Making such DIY painted mugs is also easy to make. Porcelain pen is very useful in shaping the alphabets. Thus, some deign of alphabets can be applied to such mugs. Moreover, making some pictures on the mug with such way is possible and easy.

A simple painted mug is simply made by a pale porcelain mug and a porcelain outliner. Any painting can be put on the mug. Thus, it can show your personalities. Such gift will be unforgettable for everyone. The, making some fun design on your mug is also special.

A more creative one is a mug with chalkboard on the mugs. Thus, the mugs will have two main colors. They are white and black. White is gotten from the original color of the porcelain mug. Then, the black color is created by chalkboard paint. As a result, making any design on the chalkboard on the mug is possible and temporary. Such design can show your creation differently in every day, even every minute. For its creativities, using creative handmade mugs as gift is special and unforgettable.


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