How to display your kids drawings

Do you have kids that love making drawings and paintings at school or at home, but does your fridge look cluttered and is it running out of room to display them all?

Here are some ideas on how to display your kids drawings in a organised manner in their bedroom. Not only will the child love having their art work properly displayed, but it is also a great decorating idea for your kids bedroom!

Frame it

Framing your kids artwork will look very organised and professional, let your child choose their favourite pieces and change them around. Try to find matching or similar frames in different sizes and create a collection of frames fitting with the decor on your kids wall. If you do have one big artwork, use a large frame to make it the centre piece in your kids room.

We like dynamic frames, as they double as a storage. This frame will show one art piece at the time, but stores up to 50 more behind it. When it is time to change the artwork,  just lift the latch on the frame to open the glass door and place the newest drawing or painting on top of the old ones without having to take the frame down.

Magnetic Paint

Use magnetic paint to create a magnetic section on the wall to hang all your kids artwork. Pick a section on the wall you would like to make magnetic and apply 2 coats of magnetic wall paint to the surface. When the magnetic wall paint is dry, you can paint it over with the color of your choice, matching the decor. Now you can hang all your kids favourite artworks with magnets on your magnetic section of wall. Magnetic paint looks very neat and is a great solution to prevent damaging the wall with pushpins or tape.

Hang it

You could make up a hanging system yourself to display your kids artwork, which can be easily made out of a curtain rod and hanging clips to hang all their favourite pieces in a row and change them around.

While you could make your own hanging system to fit the decor, there are many hanging systems available. The Little Ones Showcase Art System, is a cable system, which comes with brackets and is easy to install on almost any surface. You will be able to rotate the artworks on 11 feet of line and 10 display clips.

How ever you decide to display your kids drawings, your little one will love seeing their favourite artwork displayed like master pieces.

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