Implantation bleeding or period? Which i have?

Do I have implantation bleeding or period?. All normal women will face the condition that happens regularly and continuously. This kind of condition is called menstruation which happens every month as long as the women are not fertilized or in other word, ovulation has not happened. The menstruation is characterized by the condition where there are some amounts of blood dripping from the vagina. However, there is also a kind of condition that might make the women become confused since it is similar to the menstruation. It is called implantation bleeding.

This condition might happen right after the ovulation. The egg will travel towards the uterus. This process will also cause bleeding or spotting. That is why there are so many women who claim that this kind of implantation bleeding is an early sign of the menstrual period instead of a kind of anomaly.

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Implantation bleeding or period?

Well, to make sure that you can learn more about this implantation bleeding or period and differ it from the regular menstruation, you should continue reading this article since we are going to discuss about it here.

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The first thing that you need to know is how the implantation bleeding or spotting looks like. You need to know that this bleeding  is rather scanty. For addition, it is very usual for the bleeding to include discharge which is in pink or brownish color. Whenever you have such condition, it is quite sure that you are having implantation bleeding  instead of the menstrual period.

If you still do not think that the explanation above is not really enough for you to determine whether you are having implantation bleeding or period, you can take a look at the following explanation. One of the possible ways that you can take a nice attention is that implantation bleeding usually happens some days before your period or can be up to a week. Take the example of your menstrual period that should happen in the middle of the month. If you find that you are bleeding in the end of the first week of the month, you might have implantation bleeding instead of the menstrual period.

Of course, such condition is also affected by so many factors since menstrual cycle can be not regular. It is very possible that the period is shifted because you are not really good in your health or you are stressed. However, what we are talking here is the normal menstrual cycle. You also need to know another characteristic of the normal menstrual period which will make it different from implantation bleeding . Regular menstrual period will start lightly and then it will get heaver. However, if what you have is implantation bleeding, than what you will have is sudden heavy blood drip.

Once again, although the explanation that has been mentioned before can help you to determine whether you are having menstrual period or implantation bleeding but you can never rely on it and trust that it is the most valid information related to the bleeding. Well, it is because the inner condition of the body is something that cannot be checked from the outside. In fact, this kind of condition is the one that will determine implantation bleeding or the menstrual period.

Actually, the best method that you can do if you want to determine whether you are having the bleeding or menstrual period is to visit a doctor. The doctor will be able to deal with thorough check up to let you know the real condition that you face. Therefore, whenever you think that your menstrual period is quite strange, you should visit the doctor as soon as possible to avoid the confusion.

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