Earlobe Pimple Treatment and Prevention

Earlobe pimple is a kind of acnes that occurs on your ears, whether in behind or in the ears itself. This pimple is caused by hormonal problem and also external factor like unhygienic lifestyle.

Youth Skin Problem: How Hurt Earlobe Pimple is

We all know that the unhygienic lifestyle becomes the main cause of the occurrence of skin defect as earlobe pimple. The pimple in ear can occur not because you do not clean your ear three times a day, but there are many causes like you forget to wash your hands, clean your everyday earphone, or clean your hand phone regularly. If you have a bad habit like scratch your ears with your nails or a toothpick or pin, it will also be the causes. Do not ever push your ears hard when cleaning it. Clean it gently and carefully and using special tool likes cotton bud for your ears.

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For young people, this pimple in ear will be so hurt. The pain will also shoot up your eyes, neck, and jaws. You cannot touch and feel the swollen ears and it is so painful. Sometimes, you will also lose your hearing temporarily. The furuncle, the worse effect of this pimple will also appear. It will make many bacteria starting the destructive work.

Commonly, earlobe pimple is affected by a surge of hormones that causes an excess of white blood cells and also the sebum. It is one of quite common phenomenon for young people, but as you are young, you have to keep your skin healthy. Because of you are still young; you have to use special cosmetics for young skin. You also have to come visiting dermatologist to consult the skin problem.

Conventional Treatment for Earlobe Pimple Removal

There are some natural ways that is believed to cure the earlobe pimple. The conventional ways for earlobe pimple that you can do need to have some patience and perseverance. First, if your pimple is injured accidentally, you cannot let the infection spread to all the area in your ear. You can wipe the injured area with an alcohol. If the injured area is behind your ear, you can put a plaster on it so that it will not be scratched or affected another area.

Another conventional way is you can use differing and tar soap to help curing your pimple. If you want to get the effective way, you can mask and moisturize your skin especially on the skin that is the place of pimple. You can also apply the mask on your face to avoid the occurrence of the pimple. If your mother told you to use such a salicylic alcohol, you have to try it. The salicylic alcohol is not only for the treatment, but also for the prevention so the acnes will not appear. It also prevents form the relapses you may get.

If you want to accelerate the pimple from pointing, you need to make a hot compress. It will help you to avoid such an inflammation. You can apply an alcohol or such herbal tincture to your pimple by using a cotton pad. And then, you can cover it with cellophane and for prevention you cans secure it with plaster. If it was an hour, you can remove the compress. You have to do this for several days in order to get rid of the pimple.

You know that every person has different metabolism in curing an injured body. If the compress method does not work on you, you can change the method by using Chloromycetin drops. Usually, it will work well with the inflammation. If you feel a pain in your ear canal, you need to drip a medicine into your ear and then you can compress it. But, the best treatment is you can consult to dermatologist because theearlobe pimplecan get worse.


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