Football Bedroom Decorating Ideas

If your child is crazy about football, then here are some great design ideas how you can give your little football enthusiast a football themed room.

Whether it is football, baseball, basketball or soccer you little or maybe your teen is interested in, there are many ideas that can be applied to different sports themed rooms.

  • Walls

You could either paint, use wallpaper or wall stickers to create a football themed room.

  • Paint

If you child has a favorite football team then painting the room in the team colors is a great idea to get started. If your child’s team has bright colors, you could choose a lighter or darker hue of the same color, or just paint 1 wall in the room and make this a feature wall, leaving the other walls neutral.

You could also paint the team logo on the wall or if your child doesn’t have a favorite football team yet, you could paint the logo’s of several teams on the wall.

  • Wallpaper

Wallpaper is great to transform a room quickly into a themed room. If you don’t want to paint the walls, or if they did get painted recently, you could just ad a wallpaper border.

Wallpaper borders come in all different colors and styles and you will find many with popular football teams or get one with a sport theme.

  • Wall Stickers

Just like wallpaper, wall stickers are also a quick way to add a football theme to a room. We’ve found some great almost life size wall stickers, and you will find them in all different sports.

Wall stickers are quick and easy to attach to a painted wall and can easily be removed.


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