Gel nails vs acrylic nails which is better?

Gel nails vs acrylic nails which is better?. When women need to beautify their nails to a salon, they might get some options for the nails treatment. Commonly, there are at least two types of nails treatments you find, the gel nails and the acrylic nails. The two both have some pros and cons at the same time. Before you decide which the best treatment for your nails, it is great idea if you find out more about the two more deeply.

Gel nails vs acrylic nails which is better

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In-depth review about gel nails

The gel nails is one of gel beautification technique which provide you acrylic nails strength but with natural appearance of nails.  The gel nails will be hardened only when the nails are being exposed by the Ultraviolet light. Basically, the gel polishes is the same as nail polishes. There will be a basic coat, the upper coat and also the colour of polish. Every coat ought to be treated in the ultraviolet light about 2-3 minutes long period.

Gel nails pros

The nails with gel will appear more natural and realistic. The natural will be increased due to the more slender of the gel thickness on the nails combined with the appearance. Besides, the chemical contained in the gel makes it look glossy so the nails look definitely beautiful. The glossy brings classy look for your nail appearance. The duration to cure the gel nails treatment is little bit more quickly than the acrylic’s. The other pros off gel nails if compared with acrylic one is that the mixture of the gel nails lack emission, otherwise acrylic has a lot. As a result, the gel nails is much safer and also more-friendly for environment.

Since the gel nails is lacking of fumes, it is reasonable if the gel nails is also odourless. Even more, for pregnant women, they are safe to perform this treatment for their nail since it is non-toxic. The application of gel nails is much simpler and less shaping and filling in the middle of the process. Thanks to the flexibility, the gel nails is less susceptible to damage.

Gel nails cons

Albeit there are a lot of pros offered by gel nails, there are cons too. The first is that the gel nails is less durable or no longer lasting like acrylic. For you who have limited budget for this, you might not be delightful since it is little bit pricey, more than the acrylic.  Owing to the need of ultraviolet for the cure process, you might not be able to do it at our home.

Furthermore, you might find that the gel nails are broken. For such a condition, you must get a number of troubles too. Besides, it gives more shatter effect than the cleaning break. Consequently, you cannot fix the break by your own self. That is why you need to meet your manicurist to fix the problem. The other disadvantage of the gel nails is that you need to fill off it no matter if there is still available the version of soak-off ones. 

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