Gender neutral baby room colors

If you prefer to keep the gender of your baby a surprise until the delivery day, then one of the first things on your to do list to make the nursery ready is to choose gender neutral baby room colors.

Off course waiting to find out the sex of your baby makes it a little bit more challenging when it comes to decorating your nursery, but there are plenty of gender neutral baby room color options available for the perfect nursery.

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It is easy to add little details to the decor when your baby is born whether it is for a boy or a girl, but neutral colors and designs will also make it easier to change the room when you child get older, or you could use the same nursery for all your children without redecorating the whole room each time.


Designing the baby room around one or two gender neutral colors allows you to create a calm backdrop for your nursery with room to adapt the decor.

  • Green – is a calming color and light or pastel green can easily be paired with pale yellow and white. Various shades of green harmonise well together, and even lime green can be used as a gender neutral baby color when paired with white and natural browns to create a mature and modern looking baby room.
  • Yellow – soft and pale yellow are popular in gender neutral baby rooms and match well with brown, green and white. And if you want to wait with adding gender pacific accents to your nursery until the baby arrives, soft yellow will pair very well with a soft pink or blue.
  • Orange – is a warm and nurturing color, and using a medium orange will be more gender neutral then a soft orange. A medium orange will pair very well with white and grey, and combined with wood tones can really enhance the warmth in the room.
  • White – although white is technically not a color, it does represent purity and cleanness and will work very well for a boy or a girl. For a warmer feel, choose ivory or cream as a base color combined with a dark brown.
  • Greys – is a very popular choice for a modern nursery and can be combined with any of the above colors. Choose different shades of grey to create dept and enhance them with an accent color like red, green or yellow.

As you can you see, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing gender neutral baby room colors. Be a little bit creative and think outside the box, and most importantly have fun, so when the baby arrives all you will have to do is enjoy your baby and have your beautiful baby room ready for him or her to come home to.


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