How to get rid of body odor naturally?

How to get rid of body odor in practical way by using natural substances?. Everybody who has a problem of their odor must really want to know how to get rid of body odor permanently. Indeed, tainted body odor is humiliating matter that everybody may feel. It becomes worse when they ones who have such a problems is always in contact to many people. So, it is quite urgent to fix. Even though there are myriad deodorants on the markets, many of those consist of harmful ingredients which are not recommended for a long-term application. No wonder if people tend to look for more natural ways for the alternatives for the sake of eliminating the harmful odor. The point of natural ways about how to get rid of body odor is by reducing the growth of the bacteria which are responsible for the unpleasant odor.

How to get rid of body odor naturally

Get rid of body odor by activated charcoal

Body odor is caused by a lot of toxin circulated in the body. They are excreted across the skin. Commonly they get rid of body odor by consuming capsule of activated charcoal. The activated charcoal is functioned to help the body to bind the toxin. As the toxin is bind, their capability to produce the odor is reduced.  The activated charcoal is provided in capsule form. You can apply it both external and internal. Internally, the capsule is drunk once in a day up to 3-6 months for more beneficial effect.

Natural body odor remedies by fruit applications

Lemon juice

You can apply lemon juice as another way for how to get rid of body odor. In fact, it is the oldest remedy performed to reduce humiliating body odor. The lemon juice is consisting of citric acid. Therefore, it could reduce the skin PH by making the skin more acidic when it is applied on the surface of the skin.  The high level of acid will limit any growth of bacteria on it.  Lemon juice is easy to get. It is available at everywhere in every time. Even lemon juice could be applied for people who have so sensitive skin. The way how to get rid of body odor by using lemon juice is easy. You only need one teaspoon of lemon juice and then rub it over the sweat area.  Do the same regularly up to 3 months ahead.  

Orange Peel 

You can utilize orange peel for the simple tricks to get rid of your body odor. The peel of orange can eliminate the offensive and strong unpleasant body odor. The orange peel is full of vitamin C and also citric acid. Just like the lemon, The way how to get rid of body odor by using orange peel is easy. The orange increase the acid level on the skin or decrease the PH so that it could avoid or lessen the bacteria growth.   Since it is mild, people with sensitive skin are also allowed to use it. The great thing offered by orange peel is that it is not only decreasing the tainted body odor but also lightening the blemish existing on the skin. On the other hand, this is very cheap and easy to get. 

Vinegar of Apple Cider

The vinegar made of apple cider can be applied to control the tinted body odor. It has strong antiseptic that is able to get rid of any bacteria which are responsible for tinted odor on the body. The apple cider vinegar is controlling the odor that forms toxin over the skin surface. To apply it, you can use cotton ball. Dab it on the sweat area and then let it get dry. Do not wash the vinegar. Unlike the lemon juice and orange peel, this vinegar could not be performed by people with sensitive skin. It is because it could lead side effects such as itching as well as burning on the skin.

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