Get Rid of Pimple on Breast without Expensive Treatment

Pimple on breast appears because of the sweat that contains bacteria. To get rid of pimples, it is needed to take moisturizer, get clean, and change the clothes more often.

Having pimple on breast disturbs more than just having pimples on the face. It is because the pimples can grow to the part where we usually stick the bra lines around it. You can’t move freely because you have to be careful to not let the bra lines touch the pimples. These pimples under breast are caused because of the sweat that sticks to the clothes or the bra. Even if these pimples are unseen from people, but it is such kind of shame to know that these pimples stay in the body where it should be beautiful.

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Use Moisturizer for Pimple on Breast

The treatment for pimples on breast is also different compared with the treatment for the pimples on the face. The skin is oily, while the skin under the breast is not as oilier as the face. Also, the skin in under breast is thicker than on the face. Instead of avoiding the oily product just like what we usually do on the face, we need to get the product to keep it moist. Therefore, it is needed to use moisturizer to apply under the breast, but don’t put it too much.

Take Shower More Often

The first rule of getting rid of pimples on breast is to be clean. If you already live your life in a clean way, try to find out what is the factor of pimples that start to appear. You can soap your body in longer time than what people do when take a shower, but if it is done rarely like once in 2 days, the sweat will stay on the body. It is not good to keep the sweat stick on the body for longer time, so it is better to bath yourself more often. Take a shower even if you are going home late, because it helps to heal the pimples faster.

Exfoliate Your Skin More Often

If you rarely exfoliate your skin around the breast, now it is the time to exfoliate it in routine. It is important to exfoliate the skin with loofah in soft material. Exfoliating the breast can avoid the growth of bacteria on the skin that covers the pores. It can also support to heal the pimple on breastfaster.

Take the Baby Powder after Shower

After taking a bath, apply the baby powder on pimples around the breast. It can keep your skin moisture. Besides that, baby powder consists of the composition that is friendly to the skin. It is hoped that using baby powder will not make any other side effects that can appear on the skin.

Always Change Your Clothes after Shower

Another factor of pimple on breast is also come from the clothes you wear for more than one day, moreover when the weather is hot. It is better to always change your clothes and bra after shower. It can avoid the sweat and bacteria that already sticks to the bra to touch the skin under the breast. Take off the bra when you are going to sleep and apply the moisturizer on the skin under the breast.

Choose Your Bra Wisely

Starts from now when you recognize that you have pimple on breast. Try to select your bra wisely. Avoid using bra that is too tight. Also, you need to get rid the bra that is not breathable. As a suggestion, you can wear bra that is made with cotton or linen. Bra that is not breathable because of the fabric or too tight will make the skin produce more sweat than it should be. Besides that, it is not considered as healthy bra if it is too tight.



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