How Long Does Implantation Bleeding Last in Early Pregnancy

The Signs of Implantation Bleeding

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You need to differ between the implantation bleeding due to pregnancy and menstruation bleeding. For the first time, many women do not realise their pregnancy and think that they are getting menstruation. There are some differences between the two you need to keep in your mind.

The Colour and the Amount of the Blood

The common appearance, the implantation bleeding tends to be darker if compared with menstruation period. The blood is most likely brown instead of red. It is because the blood coming out is not the fresh blood. Related to the amount, it is only light. Sometimes it is only a spot. The heavy bleeding is only happening to menstruation period.  If the colour is too red and the amount is too heavy, you should ask to your doctor sooner.

Cramping Accompanying

Maybe cramping will accompany both the menstruation and the implantation bleeding. However, the cramping in the implantation bleeding is much lighter than of which menstruation bleeding is. Whenever you get much painful cramping, you need to go to the pregnant specialist to get more information. 

The Duration

Commonly, menstruation bleeding takes more than 5 days or up to 1 week. Unlike menstruation, the implantation bleeding lasts less than 5 days. It is almost rare for a woman to get implantation bleeding more than one week. However, it could be found such a case and there is no crucial problem to the pregnancy.  The bleeding itself will happen when the conception has been occurred after 6 up to 12 days. So, after 3-4 days implantation bleeding happening, you may take a test pack to find out whether the bleeding is a sign or symptom of your early pregnancy or not.  

To ensure the condition, you can go to your doctor for regular control. Meanwhile, consume healthy food to strengthen your pregnancy and your body. Take prenatal care to ensure the health of the pregnancy. No matter what, the first handle of the pregnant period is imperative to ensure your pregnancy safety. For some women, the first trimester of pregnancy is the hardest one.

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