How to Cover up Pimples by Natural Make Up

How to cover up pimples can be done by applying natural make up so although using makeup to cover pimples, but your appearance still looks fresh and natural.

Clean skin free of pimples is the dream of every woman. But what can you say if pimples come unbidden. Pimples are indeed bothering easy to do. There are several types of pimples which are difficult to remove, but there are also pimples that can disappear by its self. Even with a face full of pimples, you should still look beautiful. Therefore, you must look for a solution to stay beautiful even in any condition. To overcome the stubborn pimples, you can cover it with makeup while. However, in applying this makeup you need to be very careful. Do not let you expose one of your pimples because of course this will make you very sick. So, how to cover up pimples appropriately?

Cover up Pimples by Natural Make Up


As has been said before, pimples can be covered with makeup. However, to cover pimples that are stubborn, you are not enough just to cover it with powder and all will be completed. There are several ways that you should follow in order to obtain maximum results. To that end, here we will discuss thoroughly about how natural makeup to cover pimples so although using makeup to cover pimples, but your appearance still looks fresh and natural. Here are ways that you can follow. Check this out!

Use Foundation

First, use foundation. Choose a product foundation that matches your skin because if the skin does not match the beauty products that you use the stain of pimple scars will be more visible. Instead, you choose herbal product to make it more secure. Next, choose a foundation that matches the color of your skin that seems natural makeup. Use makeup sponge or fingers to rub it into your face, but remember that you must be careful lest your foundation is too thick.

Use Concealer

Second, use concealer. Concealer is face cream that is used to cover the black spots on the face such as pimples, pimples scars, and even black spots on the face so that it becomes something that is important in how to cover up pimples. Before using it, first you have to understand exactly the kind of concealer that is matching the facial skin. Make sure you choose concealer that is right for your skin type. Generally, women who have oily skin types will match concealer made of mineral powder while women with dry skin will fit liquid concealer. You need to consider that before taking concealer, make sure your face and hands in a clean state so that the results can be maximized.

Use Powder

Third, use powder. Flatten the powder all over the face and neck. Brush in a thin layer in order to seem more natural. For those of you who have face with pimples, choose a powder to make up because the powder is better at absorbing oil in the face. While the solid powder contains a lot of oil and can cause your pimples worse.

Avoid Using Blush On and Bronzer

Furthermore, avoid using blush. Blush looks fresh when combined to face and will make the face more flushed indeed. However, the use of blush is not recommended in how to cover up pimples as this can aggravate your pimples. In addition to blush, bronzer is also the makeup tools that you should avoid because bronzer contains light particles that will clog your pores and make pimples more severe.

Avoid Using Excessive Make Up

You need to remember that in how to cover up pimples, it would be better if you avoid using excessive makeup. Use makeup soft and give a little color accents light up on the eyes and lips so that people’s attention switched to your eyes and lips. Regardless of the make up to cover pimples, the most important thing you can do is cleanse your face after a long day and before bed.

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