How to get rid of old stretch marks

How to get rid of old stretch marks?. Stretch marks are such grades appeared on skin due to some reason such as pregnancy result, weight loss in rapid process and also puberty. This could happen to either women or men. Physically, you will not suffer with appearance of the stretch marks. However, most people who have stretch marks on the body parts will not confident to show the body parts. Thus, it is good to reduce the appearance so that the marks are faded. There are some easy and simple up to high procedural ways to help you reducing the stretch marks. By taking the right ways that suit to your stretch marks’ condition, it is possible that you will find your stretch marks invisible totally.

How to get rid of old stretch marks

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There are at least to types of stretch marks, reddish purple stretch marks and white/ silver stretch marks. The reddish purple marks are such snake which across your skin surface whereas the white or silvery ones are the marks which leave such declines on the skin surface. The difference of the two marks is defined by the oldness of the stretch mark itself. The reddish one is the new stretch mark whereas the white ones are the old ones. The treatments for the two are different. The new stretch marks can be vanished only by using creams whereas the old ones cannot. It is quite harder to fade the white stretch marks since there is depression already appeared on the skin. Nevertheless, there are some ways to help you lessening the appearance of the marks. You can choose one of those or combine some of them to get easier in fading the stretch marks away.

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How to Get Rid of the Reddish Purple or New Stretch Marks 

These are some ways you can perform to get rid of your reddish or new stretch marks. Make sure you do them in proper way to guarantee the success of your effort.

Sunscreen Application

When you want to go to outdoor area, it is imperative for you to use sunscreen on the area of skin with stretch marks. Choose the formula that provides you at least sun protection formula SPF 15. If you have no cream with such SPF, you can use oil-free formula as the alternative.  You are also capable of using the formula with oil-free specification if you do not want your skin gets irritated or the pores get clogged. The skin protection by using the sunblock will prevent the skin from sunlight exposure. The exposure of sunlight will make the stretch marks more obvious.

Moisturiser application

You can utilise your moisturiser to help you lessening the appearance of the reddish stretch marks. Choose the herbal-based moisturiser and lotion it around the stretch marks regularly every day. Based on the research, there will be significant result related to the appearance of the marks. The damaged skin is improved, and so is the elasticity.  If the stretch marks on your body parts are new, you can only rely on lotion. By being discipline in using the lotion, you will get improvement for the marks appearance.

If you avoid any chemical use from moisturiser, you can use olive oil or wheat germ oil to be the alternative moisturiser. Some studies showed that such natural moisturiser can effectively decrease the appearance of stretch marks. Aloe Vera oil can be your alternative as well, besides the olive oil and wheat oil.

Egg Oil Use for Pregnant Women

As long as your stretch marks are new within first trimester of your pregnancy age, you can rely on egg oil to help you prevent any marks appearance. Massage the oil around the entire surface of your abdomen. Do this treatment twice for every day. You can do it from 8-week pregnancy to the 6-month. 

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How Get Rid of the White or Old Stretch Marks 

Unlike the reddish or new stretch marks, the old or white stretch marks are much harder to get rid of. The marks are worse because the marks are deeper. Therefore, the treatment is more difficult to do, not as simple as reddish one. Here are the treatments:

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