How to identify and treat irregular menstrual cycle causes

What are irregular menstrual cycle causes? How to identify and treat it? A menstrual period in regular cycle is indicating that the reproductive system of women is normally functional and healthy. Regular term means that the day number of the cycle is nearly the same from one period to another period.  The irregular menstrual cycle is when the cycle is out of typical cycle. It could be less frequent or more frequent or even not occurring at all. It could be no harmful alarm even though some cases may indicate a certain medical issues.   

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The Regular Menstrual Cycle

The length of the regular cycle is around 28 days. The count is started from the first day of menstrual period. However one woman to another could have different length. The regular cycle could be 21 days up to 35 days.  The cycle is considered as irregular menstrual cycle when the period is not consistent with the basic cycle. However, the period length could be not exactly the same as previous one. But there is a range which shows the pattern of the basic length. To count the menstrual cycle, Count the days number from the first day of the menstrual on the previous period to the first day of the next menstrual period.

The Length of the Period

To determine whether the menstrual period is regular or irregular, you need to figure out the regular of your period length. The regular period of the menstrual period in one cycle is between 3 – 7 days. Typically last period is nearly the same days for every time. If the length of the period is too long or too short, it could be considered as irregular menstrual cycle.

The Causes of irregular menstrual cycle

There are several matters could cause the irregular menstrual cycle. Those could be related about pregnancy, medical condition, psychology, lifestyle and so forth. The causes related to pregnancy include pregnancy itself or breast feeding. The psychological matter which is also able to lead irregular menstrual cycle includes severe stress. There are several others more which could lead abnormal menstrual cycle.

Hormonal Imbalance & Medical Condition Causes

The medical condition which causes the irregular menstrual cycle is such as pituitary tumours, polycystic ovary syndrome or maybe thyroid disease. The lifestyles which are able to lead abnormal menstrual cycle are for instance excessive losing weight, too excessive exercise, eating disorders and so forth.     

Change of Life Cycle Causes

The change of life cycle include the first menstruation of a young girl and the pre-menopause cycle of women. When a young girl has their first menstruation it could be irregular. The irregularity could be happened up to several years ahead. The cycle has no pattern yet. On the other hand, the old women who are experiencing pre-menopause could also find the same irregular menstrual cycle.  The cycle is not stable until the menopause period has come.  

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