How to identify implantation bleeding color

How to identify implantation bleeding color? Implantation is one of the clear signs and symptoms of several typical pregnancy, this signs always appears about a week before the menstrual period and most likely to begin 9 days after ovulation. Most of the women will not notice the bleeding when they are closer to their menstrual cycle because most are not aware of the color of the implantation bleeding.

implantation bleeding color


To spot whether a girl is going to encounter menstrual cycle, it is vital to be aware what would be the color of implantation bleeding. Therefore, this color of bleeding straight away lets you know that you are not encountering your normal menstrual cycle.It’s color is usually easy to notice just by looking when it happen. It is important to know about what implantation looks like.

Characteristic of implantation bleeding

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What color is implantation bleeding?

Ovulation has strong conjunction with this bleeding. When ovum is ovulated by sperm, your uterus will provide a condition which is good to ovum growth or embryo. Your body prepares the uterus to create an endometrial lining wall of blood tissue. This lining is totally contain much of of blood and nutritional requirements. Now, this egg cell begins its travel into the lining to get planted in this place. In this implantation, it is possible that the slight volume of blood obtains split up from the lining. This blood will be dropped from the system, and that is termed as implantation bleeding.

This blood takes a little while to be dropped. Therefore, it is no longer fresh when it reaches out so implantation bleeding color basically is brown or bright red, however every woman is different, and others may see a clear red spotting and may also develop cramping and slightly prolonged bleeding. These symptoms may be mistaken as early menstrual period, the first step to do is to do home pregnancy test to determine if it is the implantation bleeding (Read also What is implantation cramping and its symptoms).

There several characteristic implantation bleeding color on toilet paper, though the amount of blood may be a few drops, there is always a pink swirl in a white discharge, sometime it may appear as a brown discharge or even an ordinary blood color discharge depending on every women.

 implantation bleeding color

Color difference between implantation and other bloods

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Sometime it is hard to distinguish between the implant spotting and the regular menstrual period, so how can you tell the difference between the two? The implantation blood color is usually darker than the average menstrual blood, it is almost closer to brown than the normal red , but it most cases, because the thick blood is mixed with vaginal discharge it may appear lighter than the menstrual blood. Spotting is mostly take shorter duration, so the spotting may appear faintest pink when you use the toilet paper or when you have a clear white under garment

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Even if the vaginal discharge comes at the exact time as the implantation bleeding, and there is a mixture of blood and the discharge, do not conclude as an early pregnancy, check for other dynamics. While spotting may be odorless, discharge due to Vaginal infection, will have the same discharge characteristics but the infection will have a kind of odor due to the bacteria


What to do after implantation bleeding

The signs and symptoms of spotting is not something you can accurately pinpoint as pregnancy, so you might want to do a further test before you get too excited or depressed on that matter. The first thing that comes to mind is doing a pregnancy test, the result may not be clear if you rush and do the test soon as you notice the implantation bleeding color.

It is important to give yourself several days to do the pregnancy test, at this time your body has very little pregnancy hormones meaning that the pregnancy test may be irrelevant. The implantation bleeding always occurs a few weeks to your menstrual period that will give you ample time to confirm if the bleeding was caused by early indication of, menstrual period or it is the beginning of a pregnancy, Take the pregnancy test the first day you miss your periods that will give you a positive result

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At this point, it is important to check in with your gynecologist before you make any life changing decision in your life. The gynecologist will be able to assist and confirm if the pregnancy is due, it might even be an early miscarriage.

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