How to lose visceral fat?

How to lose visceral fat?. There are various fat in human body which have their own function. One of those is namely visceral fat. Such a fat is different with the typical subcutaneous fat which is located underneath the skin. Instead, this fat lives in the deep of body system. When you are getting old, visceral fat tends to present around your waist area. People will be able to lose subcutaneous fat easily. But the visceral fat is much harder to get rid of. The appearance of visceral fat is dangerous for body. There are a millions diseases could be emerged due to such a fat. So, getting rid of the fat is imperative to do.

how to lose visceral fat

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Why is visceral fat bad and how to lose it? 

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Visceral fat is considered as a bad problem because when this fat is too much, it will emerge various dangerous diseases. The fat could emerge diabetes because it leads to resistant to insulin. The blood pressure could be increased too. The more visceral fat also increases the level of cholesterol and also enhances the risk of heart disease development.

The sign of large number of visceral fat stored around belly is the waistline number. For men, the upper limit is 40 inches whereas the woman is 35 inches. The waistline which is more than those number means that the fat is larger stored in the waistline. The bad lifestyle is considered as the cause that promotes higher visceral fat whereas changing the lifestyle means lowering the fat.

There are several good advice how to lose visceral fat:

Diet Techniques

You need consistency and discipline to do diet. Besides, doing the diet technique should be in correct way, you can lose the visceral fat much faster and even more operational than the other ways. There are several actions you should practice to diet for the sake of getting rid of your visceral fat. The actions are combined together for effectively lessening the fat in long-term period. One another should be applied together to succeed the diet.

Reducing Calorie Consumption

To get your visceral fat vanished, you need to reduce the intake of calorie consumption. Reduce the consumption of food which contain too high calorie such as sugar, milk, chocolate and so forth. When decreasing the consumption of calorie, you will be easy to lessen the calorie which has been in your body. If possible, it is very great to count the calorie you have consumed. It takes more effort to do, though. It is because you need to figure out the content of calorie you have eaten. 

Reducing Carbohydrate Intake

Some people think that the best diet is by eliminating carbohydrate consumption totally. It is totally wrong, surely. You just need to reduce the amount, instead of eliminating totally. Carbohydrate is more effective than protein to give energy for body. Nonetheless, selecting the source of the carbohydrate is a vital thing to do. It is great to choose the complex carbohydrate food like whole-grain bread, pasta or even rice. Avoid white bread and also candy to consume.

Health Protein Consumption

Another way to practice healthy diet is consuming healthy protein sources. Myriad sources of protein are full of calorie and those are not healthy for body. Based on an international journal about Sport Nutrition and also metabolism in exercise, it is found that the food which has more protein and less carb is much more helpful to lose your visceral fat as well as subcutaneous fat.

Reducing Trans and Saturated Fat

Reduce dramatically any food which contain saturated as well as Trans fats. Actually there is such a correlation between fat consumption and the increased level of visceral fat. The Trans fats are actually an unsaturated fats type that is not found in nature. However, Tran’s fats could be created by using artificial way. There is no disadvantage if you eliminate the food contained such fat because the nutrition contained is lesser than the nutrition in the natural foods such as meat and olive oil. When you have consumed such fat, it will be store in your body system as a visceral fat. 

Practicing Exercise

There are a number of exercises you need to train your certain parts of body. You can do it yourself at home or ask for trainer’s help. Consistency is important for this technique of getting rid of visceral fat. You need to do exercise at least 60 minutes every day. And then, be discipline to do the exercise. You can do some exercises like circuit training, biking, abrupt walking to help you losing your weight and the visceral fat inside your body system. In addition to those, do these some activities that get your heart rate up and you moving for an hour.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Begin your exercise by involving some training for cardiovascular combined with exercising for weight decreasing. The exercise will train and trigger your heart. The muscles will be also stimulated by practicing some variety of cardiovascular activities. Cardiovascular training is actually the best way to lose your visceral fat more effective. It is better if you follow a regular training to ensure that you have proper training from the professional trainer.

Ignore Exercise for Belly

Ignore any exercise for your belly. If you should practice the exercise, make sure you do it moderately. The more thing should be focused is actually eliminating the fat around the abs instead of building them.

Muscle Exercise

When doing training for weight losing, make sure you exercise your entire muscles too. The have healthy back, you need to back it up by the stomach. It is actually to prevent from any injury which could be emerged due to overdevelopment of your top body. If you lack information about such exercise, it is better to ask professional to train you, at least the basic exercises.


While you are managing your eating pattern for diet and exercising your physic by doing some exercises, you also need to change your bad lifestyle as well. Make sure you do not smoke, drink, consuming high-fat food, frozen food and also other type of junk food. The healthier your lifestyle, the healthier your body will be. Also, the healthier your body, the healthier your soul become.


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