How to make watermelon juice recipe for fresher taste

Watermelon juice recipe will be the perfect idea of fresh drink in the hot season. It can be the perfect companion to equip our relaxing activities. The fresh and sweet taste is what we demand from this juice. Even another than that, there are still some other benefits we can get from drinking watermelon juice. Surely these benefits of watermelon juice beat the coolness of soda and drinks with fewer benefits at the stores that is advertised by popular beverage companies. Watermelon consists of anti-oxidants and potassium. This juice will also be good for people who suffer for colon cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

make watermelon juice


The Simple Watermelon Juice Recipe

To prepare and make this juice, it needs less than half hour, or it depends on the amount of watermelon juice that will be made. In fact, preparing and making this juice is so easy to be done. It is because we can get the flesh of watermelon easier than any other fruits, after it is split. It is even easier if the watermelon has no seed. But, if it is with seeds, it is easy to remove them because there are not so many. The watermelon juice recipe is so simple to do. You need to prepare water, sugar or honey, and ice cubes. Slice the watermelon to small dices and put aside the seeds. Put the watermelon dices inside the blender with the sugar and water, and then mix it. The watermelon juice can be served after it is done mixed.

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Watermelon Juice + Ginger

If you are bored with the simple watermelon juice, you can try the variation of ingredients that can be included to the juice. If you like to add some spices, you can try ginger to be dipped inside the juice. For cool and fresher taste of watermelon juice, you can add some mint leaves to the drink. The way to prepare is to put the mint leaves when the watermelon juice is ready to be served.

Watermelon Juice + Sweet Basil

For another way to taste watermelon juice, you can try the sweet basil. Follow the simple watermelon juice recipe as said above, and then prepare the additional ingredient. Pour the sweet basil to the water for 20 minutes until 30 minutes. And then, filter the sweet basil to pour away the water. When the watermelon juice is ready, pour the sweet basil to the drink. Then, stir the drink until it is mixed well. Serve this watermelon juice immediately.

Watermelon Juice + Lemon

It is possible to make a duet of two fruits, which are watermelon and lemon. This juice will be mixed together to be double fresh watermelon lemon juice. Chop the watermelon just like preparing the simple watermelon recipe. And then, prepare for 1 tbsp. of lemon extract. Pour and blend the watermelon, lemon extract, water, sugar, and the ice cubes using blender. The double fresh watermelon juice can be served with or without mint leaves. Need another variation of watermelon lemon juice? You can blend them into one, just like the previous step. And then, simmer the mixture in the pan, but don’t boil it. Set the medium-low setting to heat the juice. After it is enough heated, turn off the stove and cool it naturally. Serve this heated watermelon juice with ice cubes.

Watermelon Juice + Orange

Orange can be the stunt of lemon extract in watermelon juice recipe. Take one medium orange to be mixed with the watermelon slices. The orange can be peeled or chopped to blend with the watermelon. It can also be juiced using the juicer. Blend the watermelon, orange, sugar, and water until it is mixed well.

You can use any sugar you like to be included in the watermelon juice recipe or no sugar at all. There are granulated sugar, liquid sugar, and rock sugar that you can try for watermelon juice recipe. Mint leaves gives fresh taste for the watermelon, but it is an optional. You can add ginger to the mixed juice to the amount you like. Also, you need to consider well the amount of the water since watermelon already contains water. When choosing the watermelon for juice, it is better to choose the ripe one. If you prefer to serve sweet watermelon juice without sugar, it is better to choose sugar baby watermelon.


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