How to Overcome Sweat Pimples Problems

Sweat pimples are not chronic but it can be annoying and uncomfortable for some cases. Learn the types and find the best way to overcome this skin rash.

Spending your time in such a hot day or doing sport activities may make you sweaty. Sweat can be a sign that you are totally healthy. It means, you have such a good excretion system. On the other hand, sweat can be a cause to sweat pimples. The excess oil, dead skin or even bacteria can be trapped in your skin pores. As the pores are clogged, your follicles may get inflammation that leads to sweat blemish.



About Sweat Pimples

Sweat pimples is one kind of skin rashes which may be very downright painful and uncomfortable. For some cases, the most cases, this rash tends to be painless that it can be healed within few days. Moreover, it does not have any medical complication severely. However, it will make you look significantly different. You can get your look worsen if you don’t apply any treatment for it. For adults, this sweat pustule can be found in the parts of body which rub together. You can find it under adults’ arms or between the inner thighs. For babies, necks and skin folds like thighs, elbow and armpits are areas where you can find this rash.

Types of Sweat Pimples

Warmer months and season are periods when people mostly get these sweat pimples. Doing such an intense exercise that triggers sweat can also be a cause of this skin rash. Moreover, the other possible causes are thick creams and lotions and certain clothing that makes sweat trapped. It has some different types that range based on severity. Millaria crystalline becomes the most common rash with mildest form. It seems like small bumps which is clearish white. It contains fluid and exists on your skin surface. Babies often get this sweat acne than adults.

The next type of Sweat blemish is Millaria rubra or prickly heat. On contrary, adults often get this rash than babies. This sweat pimples is more uncomfortable than millaria crystalline as the area where it occurs is deeper; epidermis. It brings red bumps such prickly and itchy sensations. The affected area will be lack of sweat that can lead into inflammation. The last type is millaria profunda. It is not common but it can be chronic as the affected area is dermis, the deeper skin layer. Adults with physical activity for a period of time tend to get this rash. The bumps are tough, larger and flesh-colored.

How to Cure Sweat Pimples

Sweat pimples is rarely serious as it can vanish within few days. Just in case you start to get chills, fever, pus draining from bumps and fever, you should soon call the doctor. If your kids and babies have sweat pustule that does not vanish during a few days, you should call the doctor too. Some lotions like lanolin and calamine may be recommended to reduce the itching and prevent from the further damage. Besides, you should also keep your skin dry and cool that you can relieve the rash.

Sweat Pimples Prevention Steps

There are some matters you should concern to prevent the problem of sweat pimples. Tight clothing should be avoided as your skin can hardly breathe. To prevent the sweat building up, wear clothing from fabrics which are moisture-wicking. Thick creams and lotion can clog the pores. During the warmer months and season, you should keep yourself cool by avoiding to be overheated. And for daily treatment, soap that will not make your skin dried is suggested to prevent Sweat blemish.

Learn also some simple treatment to overcome your sweat pimples problem. Make sure that you take a shower or bath after doing sport exercises. Shower can remove the dead skin, bacteria or oil that may be trapped in your pores because of sweat. The affected area should be washed regularly, twice a day. To avoid the skin irritation, use cleanser which is gentle and non-drying. The apparel you wear during the exercise like cuffs, collars, or bands, should be clean soon after you finish exercising. Therefore, the sweat that can lead to sweat pustule can be removed.


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