How to Stop Menstrual Bleeding with Home Remedies

How to Stop Menstrual Bleeding with Home Remedies?. Heavy menstrual bleeding is commonly called as menorrhagia. Some women may experience such menstrual bleeding because of certain things. Menorrhagia is able to affect the women’s activity due to the inconvenience. It will not only bother the physical activities but also emotional and social activity. Some cases of menorrhagia case more serious problems for instance anaemia if the bleeding is not handled well. So, it is imperative to know how to stop menstrual bleeding. These are some home remedies you can try to stop or at least reduce the heavy bleeding.

How to Stop Menstrual Bleeding

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Ice Pack Application to Reduce the Blood Loss

Using ice pack can be effectively reducing any pain and also bleeding. The ice gives vasoconstriction effect on the blood vessels. Therefore, the loss of the blood can be reduced. To know how to stop menstrual bleeding with ice pack, you need to place the pack on your abdomen maximally 20 minutes. The duration is limited to avoid impede on the blood circulation. Thus, when you feel numb on the area where you place the ice pack, you need to remove it sooner. Then, re-place the ice pack after 2-4 hours if the symptoms still continue.


Lady’s Mantle and Shepherd’s Purse Utilisation

The home remedies about how to stop menstrual bleeding can utilise lady’s mantle and shepherd purse. The lady’s mantle and shepherd purse can be mixed with water for drink. The lady’s mantle can tighten the muscle of uterus and also reduce the flow of the blood.

Moreover, lady’s mantle could give coagulating effect or blood clot. The dose is about 10-3- drops to be consumed in three times. On the other hand, the shepherd’s purse will help you to reduce the blood stream within minutes. The purse of shepherd also could relieve it when it is taken when you are experiencing heavy bleeding.

To mix it with drink, you just need 1-2 tbsp. to be mixed with 1 mm warm water. The shepherd’s purse has strong scent to constrict the blood vessel as well. Another benefits of shepherd’s purse related to heavy menstrual bleeding relief, it could induce the contraction of muscle in uterus and also compress the vein between the fibres of muscles around it.

Chaste Tree Application

One of common home remedies to stop menstrual bleeding is applying chaste tree. The chaste tree can balance the hormone. It is able to induce the progesterone production in which progesterone is able to inhibit the menstrual bleeding. The chaste tree is beneficial to normalise the hormone cycle for women. This kind of trees can release the more progesterone while inhibit the release of oestrogen hormone. To get the benefit, you need 30 drops of the tincture and consume it for 4 times a day when you are experiencing heavy bleeding.

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