How to Stretch Your Lower Back

How to stretch your lower back? Sitting or standing too long because of daily working activity may give you lower back pain. You must need some exercises related to lower back stretches to relax the lower back and get rid of the pain. Stretching the lower back is not only reducing the back muscle soreness but also preventing any injury in the future. Some people get their lower back tightened up when they are feeling stress. Doing some lower back pain stretches is helpful to reduce the tension and relax the muscle. These are some steps you may need to do to stretch your tightened lower back. Make sure you do them properly to make sure it is working. Before doing the stretching, you should understand the anatomy of the lower back itself. In that way, it will be easier to do the proper lower back stretches.    


Recognizing the Anatomy of Lower Back

Lower back of human being consists of five lumbar vertebrae and some foremost muscles. The foremost muscles are to be the erector spine. It is such a name for the muscle group that controls various movements on your lower back area. The other muscle on the lower back is quadratus lumborum located between the top side of your hips and the lower ribs, the waist muscles, hip flexors, abs for short and rectum abdominus. The muscles constructing the lower back have a big role in giving stiffness and tension. So, the stretches for lower back pain will focus to relax those all muscles.     


Flexing Movement for Lower Back Stretches

The first stretch for lower back relaxation is flexion. It includes rounding and inclining forward. This stretching exercise focuses to the erector spine. You can do flexion stretch by doing cat stretch or lying on the lower back.  Perform cat stretch by kneeling all fours on and then elevate the middle of the back toward the top just like forming an arch. Another pose of cat stretch is by standing on the floor. Lean your body forward and then locate your both hands on the thighs. Related to the lying on the lower back stretches, you need to bend your both legs and then pull the knees toward to the chest area. You can add the stretch for upper-side of the back area by raising your head.      

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