Identifying bleeding during menopause

What is the primary causes of bleeding during menopause? Some women may experience bleeding during menopause which looks confusing. In fact, there are 20 – 30 percent of women in post-menopausal period experience infrequent bleeding. On the other hand, the women might think that menopause is the sign that they have no period anymore. Actually, there are some reasons why women still have their period when they are entering menopause. It could be due to serious or normal causes. No matter what the reason is, it is better to discuss it with your doctor when you are experiencing bleeding during menopause. In that way, you can get the best reason behind the bleeding.  

bleeding during menopause

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Not Finished Period

The most common cause of bleeding during menopause is because their period is not totally finished. The menopause is not full yet. In fact, it takes some years for women to reach their full menopause. As long as the women have no 12 full months without period at all, it will be considered as completely menopause. But, if you just skip some months and suddenly the period is coming, it could be considered that you are not completely menopause yet.    

However, it might common for women who have been free of period for 12 months but suddenly have a period. Then, the bleeding during menopause after 12 months free of period should be evaluated more thoroughly by the expert to ensure if any something wrong there.


Hormonal Matter

Once a woman has entered their menopause, the level of oestrogen starts to drop. It will lead the cause of lining and thinning process in their vagina. Then, it is growing to be bleeding during menopause. So, when the vagina is thinner, it is to be more sensitive to get bleeding when the women do intercourse or some others disturbance on the uterus.  The tears occurred in the uterus or vagina will be able to cause bleeding during menopause which will resemble the menstrual period.

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