Identifying normal or heavy implantation bleeding

How to identify whether it is normal or heavy implantation bleeding? The implantation bleeding is typically caused by discharge out from uterine layers, where an embryo of a baby being implanted. The characteristic of the blood is pink, light red or light brown shades. Most professional consider implantation bleeding as the initial sign of pregnancy for women. Sometimes the bleeding is light but some other times, in rare case, there is a heavy implantation bleeding case found. It is imperative for women to understand when the bleeding is considered as normal or heavy. It is to ensure that the women experience it know what to do. They should know when they need to worry or keep calm when facing heavy implantation bleeding.

Identifying normal or heavy implantation bleeding

The most suitable ways to recognize when something is out of normal condition is by defining the normal process parameter itself. Related to this matter, to know whether it is heavy implantation bleeding or it is still on normal level, let see the fundamental process of implantation bleeding itself.

Basic process of implantation and bleeding

The implantation bleeding is basically happened when the egg which has been fertilized, namely blastocyst, run down from the fallopian tube to the inside layer of the uterine. The embryo is attaching itself to the uterine layer and put it as its home up to 9 months ahead. In this attachment, the embryo will grow and grow until it is to be a baby and ready to be given birth.

The bleeding is happening when the implantation process makes several layer of the uterine falling down. There are a number of tissue layers namely trophoblastic which are collectively forming conceptus. The forming could rupture localised vessels of blood that in order can trigger light level of bleeding, instead of heavy implantation bleeding. The discharge is basically performed within normal schedule of menstruation for a woman. However, since the dimension of the embryo is so tiny, the discharge normally will not heavy. The blood is only spot. The implantation bleeding will stop without any treatment after taking about 2 – 5 days. 

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Normal implantation bleeding characteristic

The implantation bleeding is happening approximately 30% – 33% of whole women in the world. However, there is no clear explanation why women experience different about such a matter.  The normal implantation has different appearance with the heavy implantation bleeding. Related to the colour, the normal appearance tends to be pink or brown. Sometimes the difference is because of the placement of the implantation.

For some cases, the implantation is at fallopian tube which is commonly called ectopic pregnancy. For such a case, the implantation bleeding will be likely brown. It is due to the time taken to get out of the fallopian tube is longer. The point is that the colour is a bit lighter than menstruation’s blood and the blood is light, not heavy. Along with the bleeding, there will be a bit cramping as well, just like menstruation period’. But it is much lighter. 

Heavy implantation bleeding symptoms

Every woman has different typical body. The different relativeness of heavy implantation bleeding is actually common. It is vital to remember to understand to make you realize whether implantation bleeding occurring to you is considered as heavy or normal. There are actually several symptoms could be your reference when you are facing implantation bleeding that you feel too heavy. In that way, you can take some appropriate actions to handle it, including contacting your doctor for professional handle sooner.

The symptoms when the bleeding is considered as heavy implantation bleeding are that the bleeding is abnormal if compared with your typical menstruation. If the bleeding is along with clots, intensive pelvic pains, fatigue, headache, and even vaginal bleeding, it could be considered as heavy implantation bleeding. It is also included heavy when the bleeding is happened after pregnancy confirmation or maybe at period of menopause. 

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The difference among normal, menstruation or heavy bleeding

There are at least four main matters you need to keep in mind when it comes to find out if the bleeding occurring to you is normal, menstruation or even heavy one. The first factor is the color. As mentioned above. The primary color of normal implantation bleeding is only pink, brown and light red. The color is little bit lighter than the menstruation bleeding. The second matter is the cramping or pain following. The cramping is only light. There is little bit pain around your belly but you still can handle it.

The third matter is the time occurrence. It only takes 2-5 days to get bleeding in which it is only 2-4 hours in a day to get bleed. Thus, you might not get any blood anymore at day when you have got in the morning. But tomorrow you will find the same or not. And the last one is the amount of the blood. The most common case, the primary symptom to differ whether is normal or heavy implantation bleeding is whether the amount of the blood is too many or just spot. The typical and normal bleeding in implantation is only spot. Even some women will not notice it at all.

How to treat heavy implantation bleeding properly

The normal implantation bleeding needs no special treatment to stop. The bleeding will be vanished by the time goes by within 2-5 days. It is not the same as heavy implantation bleeding case. Once you found some of symptoms of such heavy bleeding case, you need to directly contact medical professional. It is such a concern when the bleeding is occurring at three initial trimesters. It tends to be actually a serious implantation problem.

However, such overwhelming cases are rare to be found. The common case of implantation bleeding is still within in normal range. The primary matter you need to keep in mind is to be calm when you are experiencing implantation bleeding. Do not too soon to decide if the bleeding is heavy implantation bleeding. Do not too excessive to respond that will make the problem getting worse.


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