Is It Bad to Pop Pimples in Our Face?

Is it bad to pop pimples? Yes, you need not to pop pimples because it can trigger bad effect because there is certain safe way for popping pimples.

Pimples are the most annoying problem which commonly appears in our face. We need to know how to deal with it well because we cannot squeeze it or pop it out directly. Is it bad to pop pimples in our face? Actually, popping is a kind of dangerous act for our facial pimples because it can trigger worse effects in the pimples. You will need special treatment when you want to deal with the pimples through popping or squeezing and now, I will describe the entire thing about popping pimples in our face.

Is It Bad to Pop Pimples


The Effects of Popping Pimples

In fact, it is bad to pop pimples without proper treatment. Popping pimples is not actually an answer to solve pimples because pimples will not be cured from physical treatment. You need to know how to deal with the cause of the pimples instead of trying to clean pimples forcefully through popping. You have to know that the pimples contain bacteria which are called P. Acne. This bacteria feast on your sebum which is naturally produced by your face and then create its toxin that causes the pimples itself.

When pimples are created, the growth of these bacteria gets more and more. Here, in this condition, when you pop the pimples, you can separate the bacteria around your face. This kind of condition is truly not good condition because it will trigger other pimples in your face when you do not put the right way in popping the pimples. You will make the pimples open and make your face bleeding too because popping pimples is bad.

Then, to answer “Is it bad to pop pimples?” it is not only the risk above which will be acquired. When you pop your pimples, you will make a contact with your hand when at the same time ripping your skin. When it has a contact and unfortunately, your hand is not sterile, you will cause an infection in your pimples. This infection is really bad because it can trigger more pustules in the pimples even make the pimples grow bigger and make wider inflammation that will surely make us feel more uncomfortable.

Then, how bad is it to pop pimples? The other bad thing that will make your regret popping pimples is that the pimples will leave scar and marks. This scar and marks will be hard to be erased from your face so it will spoil your face badly. You need to find good method for treating the marks if you want to clean it and it will not take a short time too. For that reason, you better avoid popping the pimples for avoiding these bad effects.

Popping Pimples like a Pro

After you know the answer for “Is it bad to pop pimples?” I think it is better for you to know how to pop your pimples safely. First, you need to sterilize yourself by wearing gloves and sterile needle. Then, inside the pimples, you can remove it using the comedones extractor that can extract pimple safely. When you have pop the pimples, you can apply astringent in the pimples to reduce the growth of bacteria and chance for infection in our face.

Those are all about “Is it bad to pop pimples?” When you have pimples, I strongly recommend you to go after treatment using natural material instead of popping the pimples because there are many risks which endanger you when you pop your pimples. You better go the expert when you want to pop your pimple because they know best how to pop the pimples in safe way and will not give bad effect in our face.

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