Kids Room Paint Ideas

Painting your childs bedroom might seem like a big and ambitious project, especially if you take the task on yourself, but if it is done right, you could save yourself a lot of money and still have a professional result.

We will give you some kids room paint ideas, to help you on your way, whether it is for a toddler, or teen bedroom. With the right materials and handy tips, you will have your child’s room make-over completed in no time!

But before you start painting your childs bedroom, take some time to think of a few important things like:

  • The age of your child
  • What budget do I have
  • Will I be changing the look in a couple of years
  • What are my childs favourite colors and activities

Choose the right paint

There will be lots of choice when choosing paint for a kids bedroom, but remember to look for paint that is scratch resistant and is easy to wash to remove any stains.

Most paint manufactures are now producing a variety of natural low-VOC and zero-VOC paints, which are durable, cost effective and less harmful for you and your child. Some of the benefits of low-VOC and zero-VOC paints are that the reduced toxins benefit people with allergies, there is low odor during application so the room can be occupied sooner, and they are water-based so any spillage is easy cleaned up with water and soap.

Choosing colors

Kids love colors, so why not let your child pick his or her favourite color and work together to choose the right combination of colors to paint the walls. Just remember to choose the paint one shade lighter then your color sample because once the paint the whole wall,  the color will look darker.

Paint designs

When considering redecorating your childs bedroom, you might consider a unique paint design that can be used on the wall of the room. Some popular paint ideas and designs used for kids bedrooms are:

  • Stripes
  • checkerboard
  • polka dots

Off course if you think painting all 4 walls with a design might be too much too handle, you could just pick 1 wall and make this the stand out feature wall with your unique paint design.

Wall stencils


If you are looking for a creative way to paint the walls but don’t have an artistic bone in your body, then wall stencils are the answer for you. With do-it-yourself wall stencil kits any parent can create a wall mural with no artistic skills required. Wall stencils come in many different designs, from a colplete farm design with animals to floral stencils.

When you purchase your desired wall stencil, it is a matter of attaching the stencil in the right place on the wall and then use a brush or dense foam roller to paint the gaps, take off the stencil and let the paint dry. And there is your very own piece of art, your kids will love it for sure!

Novelty paint

Sometimes novelty paint can really complete a room, and are very cool for a kids bedroom.

Chalkboard paint – you could paint an entire wall or just a section of the wall, and is great for kids to write and draw on with chalk.

Magnetic paint – with this paint you could paint a section of the wall and use it as a display for your childs artwork as they will be able to stick all their projects on the wall with magnets.

Glow in the dark paint – is popular with older kids, and is great to draw pictures of solar systems or paint around around wall stickers to make them shine at night in the dark.

Glitter paint – This is one way to make your childs room shine, and would suit a princess or underwater themed room.

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