Learning the Truth of Your Pregnancy with Could I be Pregnant Quiz

Did you want to know whether or not you are pregnant? Well, before even going to doctor to check it for you, there are always things you can do by yourself to figure out the truth. You will still need to ask doctor though to make sure of everything. You might need to learn the early signs of pregnancy. However, if you want more convenient way, you can try could I be pregnant quiz too. This is a quiz you will find easily on the internet, but let’s learn more about it first here.

Could I be Pregnant Quiz


What is This Quiz?

Don’t you ever heard of this quiz before? If you search on the internet, you will find many of them for you to try. Could I be pregnant quiz is an online quiz with several multi-choice questions. They are all questioning about how you feel or what you experience at the current time. Each question has up to 3 options to choose. Each option is given with statement that usually comes out of people who are asked about those questions.

Yes, this quiz is made like when you are consulting with real doctor. However, since the quiz of could I be pregnant is an online one, you will be given automatic answer once you have submitted the answer for each question given. That is why you will only choose one of the options which represent how you really feel or experience the most now. Only by doing that, you will get the answer about whether or not you are pregnant.

What Are the Questions?

To tell you the truth, the number of the questions given for you to answer is different to each other. It can be just 10, 16, or even more than that. However, the topic of the questions will be just around pregnancy symptoms. This pregnancy symptoms quiz will ask about your period, breasts, nipples, queasiness, tiredness, appetite, weight, light headache, frequent urination, mood, etc. Did you see how they are related to pregnancy symptoms?

Let me tell you one example of the questions here. You might be asked like this “Have you gotten your period this month?” Then, the options can be like these “Nope, I’m still waiting for it, which is weird since it’s usually right on time”, “No, but I usually have irregular periods, so it is not out of ordinary”, and “Yes, it has”. The quiz of pregnancy symptoms will ask like this for other kinds of pregnancy symptom as well.

How is the Accuracy of this Quiz?

Speaking about accuracy, it is hard to say that am I pregnant quiz is as accurate as doctor’s examination. If it is about the accuracy among the available quizzes, the most accurate one might be the one with more number of questions. Why? It is because we can’t determine and be sure someone’s pregnancy with questions about some symptoms only. There are many pregnancy symptoms after all. Asking some only will not be convincing enough, isn’t it?

That is why the more the questions, the better the accuracy of the answer is. However, it only helps you a bit to ensure your pregnancy. If you think you are pregnant and the quiz tells you so too, the best way you must do after that is to ask your doctor immediately. No matter how you look at it, what your doctor said is something you need to trust the most for it should be the most accurate one than anything, even than the pregnancy symptoms quiz itself. Don’t you agree?

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