Loss of Pregnancy Symptoms: the Possible and Clear Ones You Need to Know

Loss of pregnancy symptoms that show you miscarriage probability are bleeding, cramping, pregnant symptoms decrease, and pregnancy test fluctuation. Even the clear ones exist.

Let’s suppose you have learned that you are pregnant and are still experiencing all pregnancy symptoms. However, you don’t feel those symptoms anymore and are completely fine the next day. What do you think happen to you in that condition? You know, many would say that you have miscarriage. Although it is not always the case, it is better to learn the loss of pregnancy symptoms that will be told here. Be sure to check whether or not they happen to you.

Loss of pregnancy symptoms


The Possible Symptoms of Miscarriage

First, bleeding is part of the possible symptoms of loss of pregnancy. The bleeding we are talking about here is when it stops, bleeds, stops, bleeds, and so on. It means your hormone levels begin to fall. At this situation, you might or might not have miscarriage. So, you have to check this to the doctor. However, if you are bleeding heavily, unfortunately that it might be positively true that you have miscarriage. However, bleeding is not the only possible symptom, you know.

Second, cramping is also one of possible loss of pregnancy symptoms. Be more cautious for when you feel many times of random cramping during your pregnancy, you might have miscarriage. It is all the more reason if it goes to the extent of making you breathe huffily. It can be the case too if you bleed at the same time as well. If you are not experiencing any of these, you might just feel normal cramps to accommodate the growing baby.

Third, the decrease of pregnancy symptoms takes part as one of loss of pregnancy symptomsas well. It is still considered to be normal for you to feel not pregnant for some days only. You might even feel that there is a decrease of the severity of the pain or discomfort you used to feel before for a day or two. However, if those symptoms are gone completely and suddenly, it might clearly show that you have miscarriage. Let’s move on to the last symptom below.

Fourth, pregnancy test fluctuation is indeed the last possible symptom of miscarriage. Pregnancy test that says positive, then negative can always happen if you test your pregnancy too early. If you experience this fluctuation when you are already a couple of weeks pregnant, you might have miscarriage. Be careful that it might be what we call ectopic pregnancy. You should see your doctor immediately to check on it so that you know what to do to solve it.

The Clear Symptoms of Miscarriage

So, let me conclude the clear symptoms here. Your miscarriage might have been the real one if you bleed heavily, soaking a pad for few hours. Other than bleeding, you might also feel strong cramps that make you breathe huffily. It is also a symptom of pregnancy loss if you get large thick blood-like clots in the earliest weeks. Although a bit bleeding and weak cramps are not clearly the signs, you still have to let the doctor to ensure it and tell you the truth.

There you go. Those are all the possible and clear loss of pregnancy symptoms. Just because you show the possible symptoms, it does not mean that you have miscarriage. Sometimes, it can be just normal symptoms during pregnancy, so don’t lose your hope too soon. If you are worried, the best thing of all is to ask your doctor. Even when you experience the clear symptoms, you still need to ensure it with your doctor. He/she will help you deal with your miscarriage.

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