Lovely curtains for kids bedroom

There are countless options when choosing curtains for kids bedrooms. Whether you are decorating your nursery, kids or teen bedroom, curtains play many roles in a room. They serve as blinds to keep the unwanted light out, provide privacy and room decoration. Curtains make your childs bedroom unique.

Here they are;

Solid Color Curtains, if your girls bedroom already has a large variety of patterns, theme, or color, you might want to choose solid colored curtains. Choose a color that will suit the bedroom decor, add an accent color and that will complete an already themed room.

Patterns, choose curtains with a pattern that reflects your childs interest. Some great patterns for girls are: butterflies, princess, flowers, polka dots, animals, cartoon characters or even a theme from a favourite t.v. show or movie.

Sheer Curtains, if your child doesn’t wish to cover her window with curtains, hang sheer curtains over the window, this will provide privacy, but you will still be able to see outside through the window. Sheer curtains will come in many colors to suit the bedroom decor. Sheer curtains will also fit in well with a princess or fairy themed room, and you could even use these curtains to create a drape above the bed for a real princes feel.

Curtains for boys bedroom

Solids color curtains, such a dark blue, forest green or lighter solid colors provide a masculine choice, although there is no fixed set of rules for boys colors, so ask your child for his favourite color and integrate this in his bedroom. For little boys, primary bright colors work well. Choose flat panel curtains for a clean and sleek look in a color that will suit the bedroom decor and theme.

Patterns, choose curtains with a pattern that reflects your childs interest. Some great patterns for boys are: military, cars, pirates, knight, sports, farm animals, cartoon characters, or a theme from a favourite t.v. show or movie.

Valance is great if you have an adventurous boy who likes animals and the outdoors, for example if you would like to create a jungle or under water theme consider a valance with jungle or underwater patterns combined with a dark solid colored curtain for the right balance.

Curtain Fabrics

Cotton is a natural fabric, it has good strength and is very durable. Cotton is often blended with other natural or synthetic fibres making it easy to handle, elastic, and washable, making it very suiting for kids bedrooms. Insulated cotton curtains will keep your kids bedroom cooler in summer and warmer in winter, these will also help keeping the light out on hot summer days and absorb light and heat during winter days.

Organic cotton is hypoallergenic, witch means it has a low tendency to cause allergic reactions and is safe to use in kids bedrooms for kids with allergies.

Linen is made from natural fibres and is one of the most luxurious fabrics, being very strong and highly durable while resistant against UV radiation. Linen is easy to wash and will keep it original shape.

Voile is a sheer and very lightweight fabric, it drapes well because of its soft flowing character as well as gathering very well. It is semi-transparent, letting the sunlight in, but covers the windows enough to have some privacy. Because voile will let the sunlight in during the day, it will keep the room free from mildews that occur in dampness.

Polyester, is strong, resistant to creases,  requires minimum care, and is easy to wash and resistant to stretching and shrinkage. Polyester is also resistant to mildew and won’t fade in sunlight.

Fabric Blends, there are many fabric blends which are made up of two or more different types of fibres twisted or spun together. Blending adds to the durability and quality of the fabric.

There are many choices for choosing curtains for kids bedrooms, from different colors and prints to suit your childs personality and interest to different fabrics and shapes. So always keep in mind the choice and interest of your child when decorating or installing curtains in your kids bedroom, and they will love the result.



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