Modern Baby Room Ideas

Not all expected parents choose to decorate their nursery in a traditional style. Today there are many modern baby room ideas to fit in with your lifestyle and home, and create a nursery that is not only practical but also has the designer look.


Modern baby rooms are all about simplicity, clean lines and basic forms. While simplicity is the key, you can still have fun with color on the walls, floors, furniture and decorative pieces to create a cosy and comfortable room for you to spend a lot of time in with your baby. Serenity is the key for both baby and new parents.


Stereotype colors like pink and blue can be used, but there are many other neutral colors that can be used to create a gender-neutral baby room. When using neutral colors as a backdrop for your nursery, you can still add color through textiles, wall art, area rugs, window coverings and accessories to create a nursery for a boy or a girl without being too boyish or girly.

A modern crib bedding set, like this Berries Motiv Crib Set from Oilo will be the perfect centerpiece for your nursery. The Oilo collection is about comfort, relaxation and serenity, for the modern mother, who want a cosy atmosphere with style.


Modern nursery furniture is often mulit-functional and serves more then one purpose like furniture that will grow with your child, or you can put to use in another room later on. For example cribs that turn into a toddler bed, and later into a regular bed are a great long term investment.

If you only got limited space in your nursery, look for nursery furniture that is not only functional but also streamlined and have clever build-in storage. Many European manufactures cater for small spaces and have well designed items if space is at a premium in your home.

Modern nursery lamps are great  to add color to your nursery, and will be a must have for those late night feedings. Choose a lamp that suit your style, lamps like this Jasmina Lamp, which has a funky design and pattern.


If you don’t want to go overboard with a theme in your nursery and rather wait for your child to develop their own interest, there are other ways to create a theme in a baby room. Rather then a cartoon or Disney character you could create a theme by introducing a color or a pattern as a theme. By introducing just a few minor related decorative objects and crib bedding you could create a theme that is calm an not overwhelming.

This Flokati Area Rug is a stylish piece to add some warmth to your nursery, especially if you have wooden floors. This 100% pure wool rug comes in different colors to match your style and will add a luxurious comfort that will last for years to come. Flokati rugs are composed of all natural and completely organic fibers, making them ideal for a baby or children’s room.

Use your imagination

When you create a modern nursery there are no rules, many items you will find for your nursery you will be able to re-use at a later stage in any room of your house. So use you imagination, a nice rug can be a beautiful centrepiece for your modern nursery, so will be a glider or a fabulous lamp.

Soothe your baby to sleep with the musical mobile. Musical mobiles aren’t just a must have for your nursery, there are many mobiles available in modern designs like this Zutano Elephants Musical Mobile. Baby will be captivated by this adorable mobile, featuring 4 handcrafted elephants each with a unique embroidered pattern and modern colors to fit in with your own style.

This Babyletto Nara Glideris a classic style redesigned glider with a fresh color combination to put a punch in your baby room. The upholstery is soft and the high back and cushion surround you in comfort. It is perfect for story time or a cup of tea before baby wakes up, and no need to worry about spills with the easy to clean fabric.

Create a room you adore

No matter what design or style you choose, your nursery needs to please only your baby and you so make sure you create a room you adore. Buy what you love, and create a modern but calm environment that reflects your lifestyle and home.

Simple modern baby room ideas, like this Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Graphic Words “With a butterfly kiss & a ladybug hug, sleep tight little one, like a bug in a rug” to add personality to your nursery. Vinyl wall stickers are easy to apply and will stick to any smooth surface, like walls, wood, tiles and glass.

Modern baby room ideas, more then just style…

Bring personality to your modern baby room, add some fun, and make the space truly unique, with functionality and serenity for both baby and parents.


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